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How to Seek Compensation for Pain and Suffering after Medical Malpractice

May 11th, 2015
On behalf of David Bowling of The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation posted in Medical Malpractice on Monday, May 11, 2015.

Medical malpractice is a complicated process to understand, particularly if you are still suffering the impact of negligent treatment. It is not always an easy process to undergo, and many people face a difficult time trying to prove that the doctor did in fact act negligently or did not perform a certain procedure with due care.


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If you find yourself in a position where you believe that you are suffering due to a doctor or health-care provider’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. There are various avenues you can explore to recover damages, and one that is worth exploring is compensation for your pain and suffering.

The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm is a trusted New Orleans malpractice Firm, and we may be able to help you obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. A New Orleans medical malpractice lawyer can evaluate your circumstances and the nature of your injuries to determine if you may be due compensation.

There is no reason why you should suffer alone and pay the steep medical bills to aid your recovery if the injuries were not your fault. Call us today at (504) 586-5200 to schedule an appointment.

There are several avenues to explore if you wish to receive compensation for your injuries. Compensation for pain and suffering is one of the most common. Read on for more information:

How do I obtain compensation for pain and suffering?

If you were the victim of a botched operation or are suffering the consequences of care from negligent health-care worker, you are likely experiencing some degree of pain and suffering. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, pain and suffering often makes up the largest portion of malpractice payouts.

The state of Louisiana acknowledges that victims should receive compensation for some types of pain and suffering, and an experienced malpractice lawyer can evaluate your situation and advise you on the feasibility of this route in your specific case. A lawyer will typically look through all relevant documents and medical records, and after an in-depth analysis of your situation, he or she should be able to establish a dollar value of the amount of pain and suffering you are enduring.

Will the case go to court?

Your lawyer may approach the defendant’s attorney or insurance company with the evidence and documents and attempt to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. He will also work within the guidelines laid out by the Louisiana Division of Administration Medical Review Panel

This can be a complicated and lengthy process, and it does not always end in an agreement. If this happens, your case will likely go to trial, where a judge will determine the outcome.

If you suspect you were the victim of medical malpractice, speak to a New Orleans medical malpractice attorney today. Call The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm at (504) 586-5200, and we can assess your case to determine if you may be eligible for compensation.

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