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Tourist Injury Lawyers in Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee

You visited an entertainment venue or vacation spot looking for an enjoyable break from life’s everyday demands. But you ran into a hazard there, got hurt and ended up leaving with new problems.

Pain, medical costs, time missed from work.

You could receive personal injury compensation to help you recover from the financial hit and put this episode behind you.

The travel injury lawyers at The Bowling Law Firm handle special cases like these in Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

We help with injuries from common tourism locations where you might run into unsafe conditions. Learn more about each of these settings:

Our lawyers understand the complications that come from getting injured while visiting a hospitality destination. You must prove that the property owner was negligent in allowing dangers to persist on their grounds.

We’ve have helped hundreds of people over 40 years.

You only pay costs or fees if you make a recovery.

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How Do Tourism Injuries Happen?

When property owners fail to maintain safe conditions for visitors, injuries happen.

Travel injuries can take many forms:

  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Trip and fall injuries on rough surfaces
  • Swimming pool injuries
  • Vehicle collisions, including in taxis and ride-hailing cars such as Lyft and Uber
  • Accidents at busy casino or hotel entrances
  • Food contamination from restaurants
  • Lax security, leading to an assault or other crime

Because the core of your legal claim for a case like a hotel, casino or cruise ship slip-and-fall accident is proving that the business was negligent, you need a tourism injury lawyer who gathers the right evidence.

That includes evidence from the accident scene and from your medical treatment.

The injury attorneys at The Bowling Law Firm focus on cases with complex and serious medical consequences.

You can get started going after financial relief by having our tourist injury lawyers take an initial look at your situation and provide you with free background information on how we can help.

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What Can You Get From a Travel Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim for an entertainment facility, travel or tourism injury can potentially provide two major types of payment:

  • Compensation for your expenses related to your injury, including medical bills and lost work time
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering you endured and the emotional toll it took on you

This kind of compensation can help you rebuild your life after a setback from an injury on hotel, casino or cruise ship property.

Don’t hesitate to contact Bowling Christiansen’s travel injury lawyers to seek what you need to move forward.


Why Work with Bowling Law Firm Tourism Injury Lawyers?

You don’t want to take any chances on an injury case like this. You want to claim the fullest amount you deserve to make the fullest recovery.

You need experienced personal injury lawyers. The Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana personal injury attorneys at The Bowling Law Firm have:

  • Fluency in medical situations
  • Extensive background in personal injury law
  • Substantial trial experience as recognized by the American Board of Trial Advocates (David Bowling)
  • Highest possible ranking from Martindale-Hubbell, based on ratings by other attorneys and judiciary (David Bowling)
  • Partners selected as Super Lawyers (David Bowling & Zach Christiansen as a rising star)
  • Selection in “Best Lawyers in America” for medical malpractice and personal injury (David Bowling and the firm)

After the harsh disruption of an injury that happened when you were supposed to be having a good time and making great memories, let us help you protect yourself from this setback and get what’s fair.


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Our law Firm is equipped to handle complex personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from incidents in hotels and casinos as well as incidents while aboard cruise ships. The Firm handles cases on behalf of clients throughout the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. For a confidential consultation, call our office or complete the online form.

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