Defensive Riding Tips to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Riding defensively as a cyclist can prevent some accidents and the catastrophic injuries that can accompany them. Top Defensive Driving Tips  Car Changes Lanes into You:  Ensure that you are aware of a motorist’s blind spots and spend minimal time in them. Motorists are typically expecting to search their field of vision for cars instead of bicycles.  Therefore, bicycle riders must be aware of the motorist and pay attention to a car’s turn signals, wheels, and driver’s mirrors. Car doors: Never ride between an active lane of traffic and a lane of parked cars. There is a common term known among cyclists as “The Death Zone.”  If a parked car door is opened in front of you, you have little

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Scary Cycling Statistics and the Truth About Front-End Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling is a fantastic pastime that has many positive health benefits and environmental impacts. A recent publication by the Harvard Medical School, for example, notes that bicycling can improve your joint and bone health, improve your blood flow and heart function, and build up valuable muscles that help with everyday activities.  Unfortunately, however, bicycling also has significant associated risks. Cyclists must share the road with far larger, heavier, and faster vehicles that do not always take proper care to ensure the safety of smaller vehicles like bikes and their riders. This article explores some alarming statistics regarding bicycle accidents in general, and front-impact accidents in particular. If you have been injured in a traffic accident as a cyclist, and if

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Bicycle Accidents: When Bikes and Cars Collide

The number of bicycle accidents that result in serious injuries, as well as associated costs, has continued to rise over the past two decades. Nearly 1,000 bicyclists are killed each year in accidents involving vehicles. A large percentage of these accidents are fatalities and can have devastating impacts on victims and their families. Common Causes of Bike Accidents  Accidents involving a bicycle and motor vehicle are most often caused by: Driver inattention Failure to yield Bicyclist inattention Dangerous road conditions Night riding “Side of the Road” Laws and Bike Lanes All states have “side of the road” rules, which require bicyclists to always ride their bicycles on the far right side of the road, or if possible, in a bike

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