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Walmart Pharmacy Error Lawyers in Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee

If you went to a Walmart pharmacy, they gave you a wrong prescription, and taking that incorrect drug left you injured and ailing—and needing even more medical care to heal—you may be entitled to financial compensation from the pharmacy.

In a pharmacy error legal claim, you can seek compensation to put your life back together and move on.

Overall, Walmart is a large company. It has more than 5,000 stores in the United States and almost 1.6 million employees.

It was long considered the largest retailer in the world and remains at or near the top position. A 2019 survey of the pharmacy market by the IQVIA health care industry data firm counted 4,473 Walmart pharmacy locations in the U.S.

You may well have gotten a prescription from one of those pharmacies.

And if your health was damaged because of the negligence of a Walmart pharmacy giving you the incorrect prescription, you can fight back, no matter how big the company is.

The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm pharmacy error lawyers are experienced at going after compensation for people in cases just like this.

We help pharmacy patients in Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Our firm has helped hundreds of clients over nearly four decades, winning millions of dollars in injury compensation.

If you’ve been injured by a Walmart pharmacy, talk to us.


Are Wrong Prescriptions Common?

Sadly, yes.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that it receives 100,000 official complaints about prescription errors every year. But the total number of medication errors that happen may be much higher. Some estimates have put it at 51 million pharmacy errors per year.

Walmart isn’t immune.

The company has been sued over thousands of allegedly inappropriate prescriptions for opioids, according to news reports.

In one legal case, a man died after receiving a Walmart prescription that was meant for someone else and taking that wrong mediation for eight days.

A 2021 article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said the Missouri Board of Pharmacy was investigating poor working conditions in pharmacies.

One Walmart pharmacy worker told the newspaper about short staffing and hectic working conditions. The worker said, “It was not uncommon to start a shift significantly behind on prescriptions and to work through lunch breaks.”

Major causes of pharmacy errors are poorly trained staff members, overwhelmed staff members, and too much pressure to work fast and put profits above safety.

Now that we’re in the online ordering era, that just creates more room for error.

It’s intimidating to think about going up against an enormous company like Walmart. But you can get reinforcement.

At The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm, our pharmacy error lawyers are prepared to take on everything from small, local pharmacies to giants like Walmart.

We don’t charge you anything to call us and tell us about your situation so you can find out more about your options.


What Forms Do Prescription Errors Take?

Walmart pharmacies, or any pharmacies, can make many kinds of errors:

  • Giving you the wrong medicine altogether
  • Mistakenly giving you someone else’s prescription
  • Giving you the wrong dosage
  • Providing incorrect instructions
  • Mislabeling your prescription
  • Dispensing an incomplete prescription to you
  • Failing to catch harmful interactions with other medications you take
  • Failure to account for allergic reactions
  • Failure to communicate about risks of the drugs you receive

Pharmacy errors can lead to many types of injury, including brain injury and other types of catastrophic injuries. If someone you love died because of a pharmacy error, you could have a wrongful death claim.

The pharmacy error lawyers at The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm are dedicated to these kinds of cases.

When a pharmacy mistake damages your health, you want a pharmacy error attorney who knows personal injury law and understands complex medical situations.

This is what we do.

Let us help you reclaim your life.


Pharmacy Error Lawyers Can Help You Recover—Financially

Two major kinds of compensation are possible in pharmacy error cases:

  • Payment for the costs of your injury, such as additional medical treatment you needed because of it
  • Money to compensate you for pain and suffering the pharmacy caused you

When a Walmart pharmacy or any other pharmacy botches your prescription and causes you harm, a crucial legal point you’ll have to prove is negligence on their part.

An experienced pharmacy error lawyer knows how to approach this kind of case successfully.

If a pharmacy mistake left you hurting, don’t delay reaching out to The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm.

Now is the time to protect your financial future.


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