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Burn Injury Lawyers in Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee

If you or a loved one experienced a life-altering or life-threatening burn injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may have a claim for compensation.

A legal settlement can’t erase the trauma, but it can provide a financial path forward from a serious injury.

For a burn injury, you could receive compensation for medical treatment, rehabilitation, future surgeries, or any other future medical costs or other expenses. This financial support helps you get your life back on steady ground.

The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm has burn injury lawyers with extensive experience in catastrophic injury cases.

Cases like this require a deep understanding of complex medical issues and personal injury law. Our attorneys bring this knowledge to help injured people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

When you contact our offices in New Orleans or Gulfport (by appointment only), you’ll speak directly with a lawyer, not a non-lawyer staff member who “screens” your call.

Let us help you open a new chapter after an injury.


Causes of Burn Injuries

Multiple settings can carry risks for burn injuries, including:

• Workplace accidents
• Industrial accidents
• Oil refinery fires
• Explosions
• Apartment building fires
• Electrical fires
• Motor vehicle accident fires
• 18-wheeler accidents
• Maritime accidents

The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm burn injury attorneys have represented people who have been severely injured from burns in many different situations.

To find out more about your situation and what type of legal relief may be available to you, you can talk to us for a free initial consultation.


Types of Burn Injuries

Contact with fire obviously causes burns. But there are other types of burns that can leave you with debilitating injuries, such as:

• Burns from contact with electricity
• Radiation burns (such as sunburns or other exposure to radiation)
• Burns from touching hot surfaces
• Acid or chemical burns

Chemical burns—also called caustic burns—come from contact with corrosive substances, possibly at home or at work. Because they can damage skin, eyes, the mouth or internal organs, chemical burns can be especially harmful and costly.

Burns also come in well-known levels of severity:

• 1ST DEGREE BURNS: Mild burns to the outer skin surface

• 2ND DEGREE BURNS: A burn that reaches the layer of skin under the surface and causes redness, swelling and blistering

• 3RD DEGREE BURNS: Full damage to two layers of skin, which might not hurt because nerve cells are damaged

• 4TH DEGREE BURNS: Damage that reaches muscles, tendons and bone, and can be fatal

If your injury resulted from someone else’s reckless behavior, you don’t have to just absorb the pain, suffering and costs.

You could be able to recover life-changing financial help.


How to Reclaim Your Life with Help from a Burn Injury Lawyer

With serious burns, you can have permanent disability and disfigurement. You may need extensive medical care to repair damaged skin and other tissues—and to fight off infections.

You could experience scarring, nerve damage, bone injury, and breathing problems that limit your mobility and motor function. Your injury could limit your ability to work. People can also suffer significant emotional damage from burn injuries.

This can affect you for the rest of your life.

The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm has helped clients and their loved ones get through the difficult times that follow a burn injury.

We know how to gather the evidence, the medical records, the testimony and legal arguments you need to show that you should receive compensation.

Tell us what happened to you. We’ve helped hundreds of people, securing millions in compensation.

Using our experience in personal injury cases, we may be able to help you seek the care and monetary compensation you need to heal and get your life back.


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