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Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

You boarded the cruise ship expecting a getaway—a change of pace, a chance to recharge.

Then your trip was harshly interrupted. You got hit with injury or illness. A dream cruise turned into a nightmare.

What can you do now?

If you were hurt due to the cruise line’s negligence, you may be able to seek personal injury compensation, including:

  • Payment for your direct expenses, such as medical bills and missed paychecks
  • Payment for the emotional fallout from what happened—your pain and suffering

This compensation could be a key part of recovering, physically and financially, and leaving this traumatic event in the past.

But it’s not as though cruise ships, or their insurance companies, will easily cooperate. You are given legal fine print when you buy a cruise ticket, and you likely need an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer to help you recover what’s fair.

The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm cruise ship accident attorneys have extensive experience with tourism injury cases including those which happen aboard a cruise ship. Our cruise ship accident lawyers based in New Orleans (a major cruise ship port) help people from all over the United States who embarked on a cruise from any port.

We’ve secured millions of dollars for past clients, in many cases from medical malpractice claims, pharmaceutical errors and cases involving accidents on cruise ships.

You pay no costs or fees unless there is a recovery.

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What Kinds of Injuries Do Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys See?

Breakdowns in your safety on a cruise can take several forms:

  • Slips and falls in wet, busy, cramped cruise ship spaces
  • Drowning or other injuries in and around swimming pools
  • Drowning or other injuries from falling overboard
  • Accidents on shore when you stop at a destination, especially when you didn’t get fair warning of a hazard
  • Infectious diseases known to spread on cruises, such as norovirus or COVID-19
  • Medical negligence or errors from the ship’s doctor, leaving you without proper attention for an illness
  • Lack of security on the cruise, leaving you vulnerable to crimes, including sexual assault

In any situation in which you or somebody close to you is harmed on a cruise ship, to claim personal injury compensation you must show that negligence on the part of the cruise line contributed to your injury and suffering.

That requires gathering the right evidence from the cruise itself and medical records of your ongoing treatment for injuries once you’re off the ship. A cruise ship personal injury accident attorney will know what you need.

Bowling Christiansen Law Firm has a background well suited to this kind of case, combining decades of work in personal injury and medical negligence law.

See how you may be able to pursue financial relief by talking to our cruise ship accident lawyers for background information—free of costs of obligations.

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How a Cruise Ship Personal Injury Accident Attorney Can Help You

Going up against a big cruise ship company can feel intimidating. They’ll have plenty of resources and lawyers to push back on you.

But they have a basic duty to your safety, and having your own cruise ship accident attorney helps you protect your rights.

This is what your lawyer can do for you:

  • Collect and organize the evidence and information that you need
  • Negotiate with the cruise line and their insurance company
  • File a lawsuit if negotiations don’t resolve your claim
  • Keep you on top of deadlines (you may be required to promptly notify the cruise line of your possible claim according to the legal terms you agreed to when you bought your ticket)
  • Negotiate a settlement of your case if possible
  • Take your case to court if needed

Ultimately, your cruise ship accident lawyer can help you preserve your financial future and your sense of peace after a painful event on what was supposed to be a wonderful trip.

Due to the statute of limitations and/or notice requirements contained in the ticket contract that may apply to your case, don’t wait to contact The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm.

Let us help you move on.

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