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Wrongful death

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Malfunctioning technology can lead to surgical errors

Likely, any Louisiana or Mississippi resident who has undergone surgery of any sort has experienced at least a bit of nervousness beforehand. With any surgery comes the potential for a poor outcome, and sometimes doctors make mistakes, such as accessing the wrong site. Such was the case for a woman in another state who underwent an operation on her kidney and became the victim of what hospitals refer to as a “never event,” a term that applies to surgical errors that should never occur if hospitals follow proper procedures. The patient filed a lawsuit in March of this year, suing the hospital for more than $20 million.

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Birth InjuriesBrain InjuriesInjuriesMedical MalpracticeSurgical ErrorsWrongful death

Surgical procedures sometimes end tragically

Many Louisiana and Mississippi residents have undergone a cardiac procedure of some sort, or at least have seen a close friend or family member do so. Most people would agree that surgical procedures dealing with the heart can be very stressful for the patient, of course, but also for people witnessing their loved one go through such an experience. Many patients survive the ordeal, but unfortunately, a woman in another state died during open-heart surgery, and several members of her family have filed a lawsuit alleging negligence led to her death.

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Birth InjuriesBrain InjuriesHospital NegligenceInjuriesLegal InformationMedical MalpracticeSpinal cord injurySurgical ErrorsUncategorizedWrongful death

Woman sues pharmacy claiming medical malpractice led to death

Most Louisiana and Mississippi residents have had to visit a pharmacy to have a prescription filled, and in fact, some people requiring medication for a chronic condition do so regularly. Pharmacists must complete years of education and training in order to properly and safely perform their job duties, so clients should feel safe knowing they will receive the correct type and dosage of medication, along with appropriate instructions for use. However, occasionally, a prescription will be filled incorrectly, and when this happens, the patient’s life may be in danger. As an example, a man in another state died when he was given a different medication than his doctor intended, and the executrix of his estate is now suing the pharmacy…

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