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CVS Pharmacy Error Lawyers in Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee

Picking up a prescription at the pharmacy should be an uneventful step in your path to recovering from an illness—not the source of a new threat to your health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it gets 100,000 complaints a year about medication errors. Some estimates are that millions of people are affected.

But if a pharmacy error hurts you, you can seek financial compensation that will help you truly get on the path to recovery.

CVS is one of the most prevalent pharmacies in the United States. The company says it has more than 9,900 locations. CVS listed on its own website 135 pharmacies in Louisiana, 69 in Mississippi and 160 in Tennessee in 2021.

There’s a good chance that when you went to the pharmacy, it was a CVS pharmacy.

Of the billions of dollars people were expected to spend on prescription medications in 2021, CVS was projected to account for almost 39 percent of it, said the Statista business data company.

If your health was damaged by a prescription error at CVS, The The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm pharmacy error lawyers can help you get the compensation you need to put this painful episode in your past.

We focus on medical malpractice cases, including medication mistakes, for people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Our firm has helped hundreds of people for over 36 years, winning millions of dollars in injury compensation for everyday people.


How Often Do Wrong Prescriptions Occur?

Medication errors happen much more often than you’d hope.

According to an article in the New York Times, in 2020, the state of Oklahoma fined CVS for making errors in prescriptions and having overworked pharmacy staffs.

Another Times article described cases like a CVS patient who thought she was getting asthma medication, but instead received blood pressure medicine, which gave her headaches, nausea and dizziness.

A patient at another pharmacy got ear drops that were supposed to be eye drops, leaving him with swollen and burning eyes. An 85-year-old woman at a different pharmacy was supposed to get an antidepressant but got an intense chemotherapy drug instead, which may have contributed to her death two weeks later.

According to the article, an overworked pharmacist at an understaffed CVS wrote an anonymous letter to government regulators saying, “I am a danger to the public working for CVS.”

But if you were hurt by a pharmacy’s negligence, you don’t have to feel helpless going up against a giant pharmacy company like CVS.

The prescription error lawyers at The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm have extensive experience handling cases against local pharmacies and national chains.

It costs you nothing to have a conversation with us about what happened to you.


Types of Prescription Errors

These are common medication errors:

  • Wrong medicine
  • Wrong dose
  • Wrong instructions
  • Failure to catch harmful drug interactions
  • Failure to notify you about risks

Pharmacy errors can result in brain injury and other catastrophic injuries. They can lead to death.

The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm has particular experience in these kinds of cases. Our lawyers combine knowledge of personal injury law with understanding of medical issues.

You can return normalcy to your life with the right compensation.


This is What Prescription Error Lawyers Can Potentially Get for You

You can receive these kinds of monetary compensation in prescription error and injury cases:

  • Payment to cover the costs you face because of the pharmacy mistake
  • Payment for your pain and suffering

You deserve compensation to put your life back together after you’re harmed by an error at CVS or any other pharmacy.

A pharmacy error lawyer knows how to prove the pharmacy acted with negligence, and what you need to be successful with a legal claim.

Don’t wait too long to start your case.

Talk to The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm. After a trauma like this, we could help you protect your financial future.


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