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Walgreens Medication Error Attorneys In Louisiana, Mississippi, & Tennessee

A pharmacy is supposed to be there to help you overcome what’s ailing you—not leave you ailing more.

But pharmacy errors happen, and they can cause you great harm.

Your path to rebounding from this trauma can include a legal claim that gets you financial compensation for the pharmacy’s mistake.
You’ve probably been in a Walgreens.

You see Walgreens stores all over the United States. The company said it had more than 9,000 stores as of 2020, and that 78 percent of everyone in America lived within five miles of a Walgreens. It reported seeing 8 million customers in its stores every day.

Louisiana had 172 Walgreens stores at last count. Mississippi had 83. Tennessee had 271.

If a Walgreens issued you a wrong prescription and you got hurt, The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm pharmacy error lawyers can help you get the compensation that lets you move forward with your life.

Our firm has helped hundreds of people for over 36 years, winning millions of dollars in injury compensation for everyday people.


Do Medication Errors Happen Often?

In 2021, NBC News reported on pharmacists under intense pressure to accomplish more with less support. It was a story of pharmacy workers overworked, understaffed and rushing to do their work.

“You’re not only running to the drive-thru but to the front, to the vaccination station to give a vaccination, then to the phone,” said one pharmacist in the report. “It’s almost impossible for any human to keep that momentum day in and out.”

An article in The New York Times in 2020 reported the same problems, and how the stress on pharmacy workers leads to mistakes.

One Walgreens patient in the article was given ear drops when he was supposed to get eye drops. He didn’t realize the mix-up, and he ended up in the emergency room with burning and swollen eyes.

Another Walgreens customer got the wrong dose of Adderall, sending her to the hospital with shortness of breath, dizziness and blurred vision.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported getting 100,000 complaints a year about medication errors.

But the total number of pharmacy errors that happen is likely much larger. The New York Times article said one study several years ago found an estimated 1.5 million people in the United States harmed by pharmacy errors every year.

So the unfortunate answer to whether medication errors happen often is yes.

If you were hurt by pharmacy negligence, you’re not alone. And you’re not helpless to pursue fair compensation for what happened to you.

When you’re going up against a big company like Walgreens, the deeply experienced prescription error lawyers at The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm can stand with you. Our attorneys can help whether the pharmacy that hurt you was a local store or a massive national chain.

You can start by telling us about your situation—FOR FREE.


How Do Prescription Errors Happen?

When stressed-out pharmacists are rushing to fill prescriptions, many things can go wrong.

It’s easy for mistakes like these to happen:

  • They give you the wrong dosage.
  • They fail to give you instructions on taking the medicine.
  • They give you the wrong instructions.
  • They don’t check to see if other medications you take will react badly with your prescription.
  • They don’t alert you about risks of a medicine.
  • They give you the wrong medication altogether.

Pharmacy errors can result in brain injury and other catastrophic injuries. They can lead to death.

The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm has extensive experience focusing on these kinds of cases. Our lawyers know personal injury law. They also understand medical challenges.

Let us help you reclaim your life.


What Can Prescription Error Lawyers Secure for You?

In prescription error and injury cases, you can receive compensation for these kinds of damages:

  • Direct costs from the harm you faced, such as medical bills and lost wages
  • Payment for pain and suffering that doesn’t have a direct price tag

To prove your claim and secure the fullest, fairest compensation, you need a pharmacy error lawyer who knows how to document negligence on the part of the pharmacy.

Talk to The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm.

After you were harmed by a Walgreens prescription mistake, you can go after compensation that allows you to put this pain behind you and get back a sense of normalcy.

It’s time to protect your economic security and your own well-being.


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