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Hospital Injury Attorneys in Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee

Whether you’re visiting a hospital or staying there, a slip-and-fall injury on hospital property can be a painful setback. Falls involving wheelchairs are a big part of the problem.

Compensation may be available to you. You could have premises liability or medical malpractice claims. You could receive:

  • Payment for your medical expenses resulting from your injury
  • Payment for income you’ve lost because your injury made you miss work
  • Payment for pain and suffering you’ve endured

Money doesn’t erase a trauma you’ve already experienced, but it can provide important resources to help you move forward.

Talk to a hospital liability attorney to see if you should pursue a hospital injury or wheelchair injury claim.

If you’re in Louisiana, Mississippi or Tennessee, The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm helps with these kinds of cases. Our experience with complex medical situations, major injury cases, vehicle collision cases, and injuries in tourism and recreation settings makes our lawyers well qualified to help after hospital wheelchair falls and similar injuries.


Causes of Hospital Wheelchair Falls

Hospital wheelchair falls and related injuries happen suddenly and in many different ways:

  • Moving between a wheelchair and a car
  • Moving between a wheelchair and a bed
  • Getting in and out of a wheelchair to use the bathroom
  • Traveling around the hospital in a wheelchair
  • Using wheelchairs during transportation, such as in vans
  • A health care worker failing to use the wheel lock before transferring a patient
  • Getting body parts caught in a wheelchair’s moving parts
  • A hospital worker without the proper training failing to follow wheelchair safety practices
  • Pressure sores from being left in a wheelchair too long

And then there’s this problem, which is big one: failing to provide a wheelchair at all, even though it’s needed.

The injuries you suffer could complicate your recovery from the other medical problems that led you to the hospital in the first place.

And your injury from a wheelchair fall or a slip-and-fall can be serious in itself, such as hitting your head and suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Legal cases involving injuries and medical issues can get highly technical and complex, which is why you’ll want an injury lawyer with deep experience in this type of situation.

Bowling Christiansen has recovered millions of dollars for people with injuries.

You can start by talking to us to get some background information and a basic idea of what your case may involve—without any cost or obligation to work with us as your attorneys.

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Wheelchair Injury Claims and How to Show Hospital Negligence

For a successful wheelchair injury claim with the hospital’s insurance—or a successful hospital wheelchair fall lawsuit—you’ll need to show that the hospital was negligent in causing your injury.

You especially need someone with personal injury legal experience to prove negligence.

But here are some conditions you can look for as signs that negligence played a role in your injury:

  • A slippery surface from uncleaned spills or recently mopped floors
  • Objects left in the way
  • Wires or cables left unsecured
  • Uneven or broken flooring
  • A malfunctioning wheelchair
  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of handrails where they are needed
  • Lack of proper assistance from staff and management
  • Failure to account for weather conditions

The hospital liability attorneys at Bowling Christiansen know what questions to ask, what evidence to gather and what steps to take to secure compensation for you after a wheelchair or other injury on hospital property.

Let us help you put this trauma behind you.


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