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Jury awards $9 million in wrongful death medical malpractice case

Many Louisiana residents turn to urgent care clinics when they are experiencing health problems, and the physicians at such facilities, typically, are competent professionals. However, patients who visit these clinics often do not see the same physician each visit, which can sometimes result in inconsistencies and less than ideal treatment. Recently, a jury returned a record-breaking $9 million verdict in a wrongful death medical malpractice case after a woman died following a visit to an urgent care clinic.

The woman visited the facility in Dec. 2014 complaining of sharp chest pain, difficulty breathing and coughing. The physician she saw performed an exam, prescribed an antibiotic and instructed her to return if her symptoms worsened. She did return two days later and was assigned a different physician, who was new to the clinic and had been instructed to examine patients without viewing their current or previous medical history.

Family of nearly brain dead woman files medical malpractice suit

Many Louisiana residents can relate to the feelings of excitement and anxiety that come with the anticipation of childbirth. Although parents who are expecting worry about the outcome, in most cases, the experience ends with both mother and newborn happy and healthy. However, sometimes complications arise and the long-awaited event ends quite differently. In a tragic example, a woman endured a birth experience that left her in a vegetative state. Her family recently filed a lawsuit accusing her doctors and the hospital of medical malpractice.

In July of last year, the 34-year-old woman was admitted to the high-risk obstetrics department at a hospital in a different state, as she suffered from both high blood pressure and diabetes. According to a family source, while in the hospital, the woman complained to staff that she was having trouble breathing. As well, she had repeatedly requested a cesarean section, but apparently her doctors had said they preferred she deliver the baby naturally. An expert has since reviewed her medical records and has provided an affidavit stating that the patient suffered from preeclampsia, a highly treatable condition if diagnosed and treated promptly. Treatment typically includes administration of magnesium and delivery via C-section.

Man files medical malpractice lawsuit against family physician

Many Louisiana residents have experienced heart difficulty and likely understand the fear, anxiety, pain and discomfort that accompanies such a significant medical issue. Since the heart is a vital organ, patients with heart problems need to know their physician and any other medical professionals involved in their case are providing an accurate and timely diagnosis and prescribing an effective follow-up treatment plan. Unfortunately, a man in a different state claims he did not receive such care, and he and his wife recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against his family physician and a medical practice.

In the complaint, the patient claims that the physician was professionally negligent as he failed to apply the knowledge and provide the care expected of a reasonably well-qualified health care provider. Apparently, the patient suffers from hyperlipidemia, a high concentration of fats in the blood. He alleges his physician was negligent in not prescribing a higher dose of fenofibrate or trying a different medication to treat the problem.

Woman sues hospital claiming inappropriate standard of care

Likely, many Louisiana residents can relate to the experience of visiting a doctor with a health problem only to have the treatment for that problem lead to a different issue requiring its own treatment. This seems to be what happened when a woman in a different state visited a hospital for a chest procedure. She is now suing the hospital, claiming she did not receive the appropriate standard of care. In the lawsuit, she is alleging medical negligence and seeking $100,000 in addition to legal costs.

The lawsuit states that the woman went to the hospital in July, 2016 for a procedure in which doctors inserted a chest tube to examine the back of her breastbone. Apparently, following the procedure, a milky substance leaked out of the tube outside of her body, something that was not supposed to happen with that procedure. According to the complaint, a few days later, she underwent foot surgery to repair the leak. Doctors placed stitches in her foot and discharged her.

Veteran receives $150,000 in medical malpractice lawsuit

Many Louisiana residents have experienced health problems at some point in their lives. Often in such cases, a doctor will order testing in order to diagnose and then treat the issue appropriately. Likely, most patients waiting for test results will feel some anxiety while also trusting that medical professionals will reach an accurate diagnosis so they can eventually feel better. However, such was not the case for one patient seeking medical help at a veterans hospital. He later filed a medical malpractice lawsuit for which he recently received $150,000 in settlement.

The 49-year-old Navy veteran went to the veterans hospital with severe stomach pains that he has said made him unable to move or stand up straight for five or six days and caused him pain at a level of 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. Apparently, a doctor ordered a urinalysis, but allegedly, medical personnel accidentally switched his urine sample with that of a cocaine addict. The lawsuit states that he was then told to go home and stop taking cocaine. The patient stated that he has never taken cocaine, but the doctor did not believe him.

Lawsuit claims inappropriate standard of care led to death

Many Louisiana residents have experienced health challenges that may have resulted in the need for spinal surgery. Patients in this position likely feel a particularly high level of trepidation as they anticipate surgery since proper functioning of the spine is a key component in one's ability to move about freely. Unfortunately, a patient in another state underwent spinal surgery that cost him his life, and his son recently filed a lawsuit against the surgeon for $7 million, claiming he failed to provide an appropriate standard of care that led to his father's death.

The surgeon performed the procedure on the 78-year-old man last February. According to the lawsuit, during the surgery, the patient was given four injections of propofol, resulting in an overdose. Apparently, the last injection contradicted that recommended by the manufacturer and the American Society of Anesthesiology. The plaintiff's lawyer claims the surgeon also left the surgery while the patient was unstable, leaving a nurse in charge.

Errors in surgical procedures can result in life-altering injury

Most Louisiana residents will likely agree that undergoing any sort of medical procedure can be nerve-wracking. In particular, surgical procedures often cause patients some stress and worry that the outcome may not be ideal and, in the worst case scenario, that their doctors will make mistakes. Unfortunately, this worst fear sometimes comes true.

Such was the case when a man in another state underwent gall bladder surgery and ended up with permanent changes to his lifestyle. He subsequently sued for medical malpractice and was recently awarded $7.4 million. Doctors performed the surgery on the now 38-year-old man in late 2015. Reportedly, during the gall bladder removal procedure, the surgeon placed a surgical clip in an admittedly wrong location. The surgical error caused severe damage to the common hepatic duct.

Woman claims medical malpractice resulted in terminal cancer

Many Louisiana residents know what it feels like to hear a doctor deliver a cancer diagnosis. Likely, most people who have received such a frightening message find some comfort in knowing their health care professional will use his or her medical knowledge and experience to reach the best possible outcome and that he or she will maintain open communication with the patient regarding treatment options. Unfortunately, a woman from another state discovered this is not always the case, and she now faces certain death from her disease. She is currently suing the doctor responsible for her care, as well as the medical center at which he is head, claiming medical malpractice resulted in her suffering from terminal cancer.

In 2015, the woman's doctor diagnosed her with an early form of breast cancer in which abnormal cells are found in the milk ducts. The doctor recommended surgery as treatment, and she had both breasts removed. According to the woman's attorney, prior to surgery, the doctor had discovered through testing that the cancer cells might not be limited to the milk ducts. Apparently, the surgeon also did not explain clearly to the patient that her cancer had changed in status from Stage 0 to Stage 1A, meaning it had spread and there was a small chance it would continue to spread. Her attorney also said that the doctor neglected to inform the woman of a drug available to her that may have stopped the disease from spreading.

Jury awards man $8.5 million due to failure to diagnose cancer

Most Louisiana residents, at some point in their lives, have had to visit a hospital or medical facility for testing, and of course, everyone hopes for an accurate and timely diagnosis. Sometimes, a patient will receive bad news in the form of a cancer diagnosis, but if a doctor delivers such news early enough, the problem can often be resolved. Other times, however, a doctor's failure to diagnose a serious medical condition can lead to many more problems. Unfortunately, this seems to be what happened to a man from another state who was recently awarded $8.5 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against two doctors who treated him several years ago.

In 2015, the man visited a medical facility, as he was experiencing abdominal and urinary problems. He underwent an abdominal scan, which was then analyzed by a radiologist. According to court documents, the radiologist noticed kidney stones, as well as an image that could have been a tumor. However, the plaintiff alleged that no one informed him of the potential tumor found in the scan, nor did his doctors explain the results to him, create a follow-up treatment plan or refer him to specialists.

Quadriplegic awarded $56 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

Many Louisiana residents probably take for granted their ability to walk with relative ease and freedom. For some, not until mobility is suddenly taken away from them do they realize how much it was appreciated. Unfortunately, surgical procedures can sometimes result in such a loss, and such situations often have a significant effect on a person's life. Recently, a woman in another state and her husband were awarded $56 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit in which she alleged a surgical procedure she had undergone 10 years ago had left her a quadriplegic.

In 2009, the then 56-year-old woman had experienced pain and tingling in her arms, hands and neck, according to her lawyer. She underwent spinal surgery, called a laminectomy, to alleviate her pain. During surgery, she suffered injury in which a fractured bone caused a contusion to her spinal cord. Apparently, the injury was revealed through testing during the surgery, but doctors continued the procedure and neglected to record this fact.

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