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Jury awards $50 million for birth injury

The delivery of a child is an anticipated and anxiety-inducing event for many parents in Louisiana and all over the world. Unfortunately, some infants suffer a debilitating birth injury during delivery. Some are able to recover and lead normal lives, but many are not. Following the conclusion of a recent lawsuit, one family has been awarded a $50 million judgment for the injuries their child suffered during birth.

The child was the first born child for the mother, and she went into labor naturally. According to the lawsuit, the baby's heart rate decelerated or lowered to dangerous levels multiple times throughout her labor. Despite the heart rate issues, the physician ordered the mother to receive Pitocin, which is an artificial hormone to make contractions stronger. After the Pitocin infusion began, the baby's heart rate continued to drop, indicating that he was struggling. An order for a non-emergent Cesarean section was made.

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Medical malpractice: Doctor's practice questioned

A doctor in another state is under continued scrutiny due to an error he made approximately 18 years ago. The doctor was a fertility specialist and was accused of medical malpractice and the attempt to cover it up. Louisiana families may be interested to learn how the resulting aftermath of the malpractice resulted in serious emotional and legal issues for two different families.

The doctor accidentally implanted one woman's fresh embryos into another woman. According to records, the doctor became aware of the mistake within minutes of the procedure. Instead of confessing to the mistake, the physician was further accused of falsifying records to cover it up. To make matters worse, the woman who was supposed to receive the fresh embryos was scheduled for implantation on the same day as the error. Instead of receiving fresh embryos, the doctor implanted her with frozen ones without telling her.

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