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Mistakes in medical records could result in patient injuries

Medical records are important documentation of a patient's health history, and current and past treatment. Incorrect information in a patient's medical record could result in serious patient injuries. When a patient requests the help of a skilled attorney in the aftermath of an injury, medical records are the primary source of information. Louisiana patients may be interested in some of the incorrect documentation that other patients have found in their records.

One woman recounted her experience of discovering a potentially dangerous mistake in her elderly father's medical record. After a move across the country, the woman's father suffered a fall. The woman had her father's records in her possession due to the recent move, and she discovered that multiple pages of another patient's records had been inserted into her father's file. Fortunately, she was able to remove the pages before the records were turned over to medical professionals who could have potentially misdiagnosed her father based on the other patient's records.

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Medical malpractice: Nurse's error results in death of patient

Certain medications administered in a hospital or doctor's office setting require multiple step safety guards to help prevent medication administration errors. Some medications are more dangerous than others if administered incorrectly. Louisiana patients may be saddened to learn that a nurse's error may have resulted in the death of a patient. The family may be seeking the advice of a medical malpractice attorney in the aftermath of her death.

The patient sought the care of medical professionals for headaches, swelling of the brain and other symptoms. Reportedly, the patient was in stable condition. As part of the patient's treatment, the patient's physician ordered two milligrams of Versed, but the nurse gave a different and fatal dose of another drug. The patient suffered a cardiac arrest and died following the dose.

Report says medical devices may result in nerve injuries

Medical technology has made significant improvements and changes in the lives of individuals in Louisiana and all across the world. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are approximately 190,000 medical devices currently on the market that are approved for physician and patient use. The industry for medical devices has grown rapidly resulting in a $400 billion dollar industry. Despite the multitude of devices available, some people are questioning the safety of devices approved and the FDA approval process. One man in another state reports his personal experience with a medical device and the nerve injuries he has suffered as a result.

The man suffered severe pain from an undisclosed injury to his arm. While he was under the care of a pain management physician, it was suggested that he consider a spinal-cord stimulator to help control his pain. The stimulator was implanted and was supposed to help mask the nerve pain he was experiencing. Instead, the man's stimulator shocked him many times, resulting in a fall down stairs and injuries. The 45-year-old man now is almost paralyzed and remains in his bed the majority of his days.

Woman accuses hospital of emergency room malpractice

All orders in a hospital are important, but some can mean the difference between life or death for a patient. The wrong dose of medicine, the wrong medicine, the wrong operation or the error of a physician can result in serious injury or death of a patient. Louisiana patients may be interested in one woman's lawsuit, claiming that she suffered because of emergency room malpractice. Although she did not die, she now claims she has suffered additional medical expenses and pain as a result of two different medical errors during her care at a hospital in another state.

The woman suffers from chronic pain due to a disease she suffers called Decrum's. The disease results in tumors that grow throughout her body. She sought pain management at an emergency room due to the disease. As part of her plan of care, the woman requested to not be resuscitated in the event of cardiac arrest and/or death while under medical care.

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