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The Bowling Law Firm’s primary practice area is medical malpractice. With offices in New Orleans and Gulfport, the Firm concentrates on the representation of patients and their families injured in a variety of ways by faulty medical care throughout the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. The lawyers at The Bowling Law Firm routinely immerse themselves in the medial literature applicable to the medical topics they are litigating. The Firm is recognized for its excellence in medical malpractice, as two of the members of the Firm have been selected by Super Lawyers in this field.

Our Firm has extensive experience handling complex medical malpractice cases. The Firm’s attorneys have access to medical and legal resources that assist them in evaluating whether or not a patient’s injury or death was caused by a health care provider’s negligence, and thus whether it is appropriate to file a medical malpractice action. Whether the injury is the result of doctor or pharmaceutical error, hospital mistake, or the negligence of another healthcare provider, The Bowling Law Firm has the expertise, resources, and determination to seek justice for our clients.

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The Firm handles a wide range of medical malpractice cases, including:

  • Surgical errors — Negligence in surgery can cause serious consequences. In extreme cases, we hear stories of patients who were brought into surgery in error or, of patients who had the wrong limb amputated. Sometimes surgical errors are harder to detect. They lead to infection or longer recovery periods and patients may not be aware that their prolonged sickness or recovery was due to a surgical error.
  • Birth injury — Errors during childbirth or in pediatric care can harm a child for life.
  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis — When the disease is cancer or another serious condition, a doctor’s failure to detect a disease is of great concern. Doctors are experts and as such, when we are sick we go to them to get a diagnosis and treatment. However, in cases of serious illnesses, sometimes doctors miss obvious warning signs, misdiagnosing patients or releasing them from medical care too soon. There have been many cases where patients who were having a heart attack were released from the hospital, only to suffer a later wrongful death due to misdiagnosis. There have been other cases where patients develop metastatic cancer because their doctor failed to catch the obvious warning signs that could have led to an early cancer diagnosis.
  • Prescription and other drug errors — Medical professionals often make errors in prescribing or administering medication. With some medicines, even a small dosage error can lead to serious damage. Sometimes doctors prescribe the wrong drug, or they prescribe the right drug but in the wrong dosage. In other cases, doctors fail to take into account possible deadly drug interactions.
  • Emergency department malpractice — The failure to properly recognize myocardial infarction, spinal epidural abscess, cauda equina syndrome, meningitis, pediatric infections, or other medical emergencies can result in serious and catastrophic injury or even death.
  • Misread test results – Misread test results can lead to misdiagnosis, improper treatment, and illness. There have been cases where a patient’s results got mixed up and two patients received improper treatment.

It is difficult to estimate the number of people who are injured or who suffer a wrongful death due to poor medical care, medical errors, or other medical malpractice issues. According to NPR, an initial estimate released by the Department of Health and Human Services put the number of people killed by hospital medical errors at 98,000. Yet, a later report in the Journal of Patient Safety, suggested that as many as 440,000 patients are harmed in hospitals each year, leading to wrongful deaths. The numbers are so varied because hospitals and medical providers have a vested interest to hide their mistakes. When doctors or hospitals admit to errors, they put themselves at risk of medical malpractice lawsuits. Yet, for families and victims, the effects of these injuries can be devastating, costly, and life-altering. Families have a right to seek compensation for medical malpractice. Unfortunately, without careful investigation, many medical malpractice cases go unreported and justice is never served.

The Bowling Law Firm works with medical malpractice patients in Gulfport, Metairie and New Orleans, LA. If you or a loved one has been hurt by a medical practitioner who failed to offer a reasonable standard of care, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Many medical malpractice cases involve medical errors, though misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose can also fall under medical malpractice. If your loved one suffered in a hospital, experienced a prolonged illness, or experienced a longer than normal recovery, it is important that you speak to a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. In many cases, families need to seek answers before they learn the truth. If you have received negligent care from a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other medical provider, you may face more serious illness, injury, or even wrongful death. This can lead to longer and more costly hospitalizations, longer periods of recovery, and sometimes even have long-term life-long repercussions. The Bowling Law Firm is committed to providing medical malpractice patients with compassionate counsel that aggressively pursues doctors, hospitals, and providers who make mistakes. Don’t suffer in silence. Seek justice.

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