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Woman claims medical malpractice resulted in terminal cancer

September 4th, 2019

Many Louisiana residents know what it feels like to hear a doctor deliver a cancer diagnosis. Likely, most people who have received such a frightening message find some comfort in knowing their health care professional will use his or her medical knowledge and experience to reach the best possible outcome and that he or she will maintain open communication with the patient regarding treatment options. Unfortunately, a woman from another state discovered this is not always the case, and she now faces certain death from her disease. She is currently suing the doctor responsible for her care, as well as the medical center at which he is head, claiming medical malpractice resulted in her suffering from terminal cancer.

In 2015, the woman’s doctor diagnosed her with an early form of breast cancer in which abnormal cells are found in the milk ducts. The doctor recommended surgery as treatment, and she had both breasts removed. According to the woman’s attorney, prior to surgery, the doctor had discovered through testing that the cancer cells might not be limited to the milk ducts. Apparently, the surgeon also did not explain clearly to the patient that her cancer had changed in status from Stage 0 to Stage 1A, meaning it had spread and there was a small chance it would continue to spread. Her attorney also said that the doctor neglected to inform the woman of a drug available to her that may have stopped the disease from spreading.

A year and a half after her initial diagnosis, the woman visited an urgent care clinic with back pain. She was sent to an emergency room, where she was diagnosed with late-stage cancer.  The attorney representing the doctor and the hospital has said the case is certainly tragic, but that the medical professionals involved followed all standards and proceeded appropriately.

Sometimes doctors, like all people, make mistakes. However, other times, they fail to communicate crucial information that vastly changes the outcome for a patient, altering a life completely. Sadly, in this situation, the latter appears to be the case. Although for this woman, events cannot be reversed, hopefully, her lawsuit ends with a monetary award that helps cover her medical expenses and other damages resulting from her illness. Louisiana residents who feel they have experienced a similar situation can contact a medical malpractice attorney who can help them understand their legal options.

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