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Jury awards man $8.5 million due to failure to diagnose cancer

August 27th, 2019

Most Louisiana residents, at some point in their lives, have had to visit a hospital or medical facility for testing, and of course, everyone hopes for an accurate and timely diagnosis. Sometimes, a patient will receive bad news in the form of a cancer diagnosis, but if a doctor delivers such news early enough, the problem can often be resolved. Other times, however, a doctor’s failure to diagnose a serious medical condition can lead to many more problems. Unfortunately, this seems to be what happened to a man from another state who was recently awarded $8.5 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against two doctors who treated him several years ago.

In 2015, the man visited a medical facility, as he was experiencing abdominal and urinary problems. He underwent an abdominal scan, which was then analyzed by a radiologist. According to court documents, the radiologist noticed kidney stones, as well as an image that could have been a tumor. However, the plaintiff alleged that no one informed him of the potential tumor found in the scan, nor did his doctors explain the results to him, create a follow-up treatment plan or refer him to specialists.

During a medical visit in 2017, the plaintiff was found to have multiple tumors and bladder cancer. According to court documents, the doctors’ failure to reveal his diagnosis earlier resulted in removal of his prostrate and bladder, as well as chemotherapy treatment. The man said all of this caused him physical and emotional pain, as well as a shortened life expectancy.

Unfortunately, sometimes a doctor’s failure to diagnose a serious illness such as cancer can result in unnecessary pain for a patient, as it has in this case. Undoubtedly, this man is also enduring significant lifestyle changes due to his cancer treatment, not to mention unexpected expenses. Many Louisiana residents who have suffered similar experiences choose to pursue the matter in civil court. In such situations, an attorney experienced in medical malpractice can provide valuable legal guidance.

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