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How Expert Witnesses Can Strengthen Your Medical Malpractice Claim

February 21st, 2018
On behalf of David Bowling of The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation posted in Medical Malpractice on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

Does your blood pressure always read higher in a clinical setting, such as the doctor’s office, than when measuring it at home or at the drugstore? If you are otherwise healthy, you may have white coat syndrome, which is simply hypertension that arises as the result of anxiety.




Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons to feel anxious when visiting the doctor. Even those who are not suffering from any serious health conditions are at risk of receiving substandard care, which can have devastating consequences.

According to the 2017 Medscape Malpractice Report, more than half of all physicians have faced malpractice lawsuits at some point in their career. When you break it down by specialty, the figures are even more alarming. For example, 85 percent of all surgeons have been sued, as have 85 percent of all OB-GYNs.

Of course, filing a claim is far easier than winning a suit. In order to recover compensation for any damages that result from malpractice, you must prove the provider breached the duty of care in some way.

If you were the victim of substandard care but you’re not sure how to build a strong case, turn to The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm. Over the past 30 years, David A. Bowling has built an extensive network of medical and financial experts who are always ready to testify on a client’s behalf. Call (504) 586-5200 to schedule a case evaluation with a medical malpractice lawyer in New Orleans.

What Kinds of Expert Witnesses Can Help Strengthen a Medical Malpractice Claim?

In order to file a successful malpractice claim, you must demonstrate the provider or facility was somehow negligent and that you incurred quantifiable damages as a result. Various kinds of evidence can prove each of these elements, and testimony from expert witnesses can prove both.

An expert witness is a credible professional who can provide an in-depth analysis on some aspect of the case. When building a medical malpractice claim, you may want to seek testimony from:

1. A Medical Specialist

A physician who practices in the same field as the defendant can speak on whether he or she followed the accepted procedures for diagnosing or treating your condition. This kind of testimony can help prove liability.

2. An Economist

If the injuries you sustain are severe, an economist can help quantify all potential damages by calculating both direct and indirect costs. This includes lost wages, lost benefits, and loss of earning capacity, all of which can be affected by inflation.

3. A Vocational Leader

If you are unable to return to work and want to include lost income in the settlement negotiations, a leader in your field can explain why you are now unemployable. Otherwise, the insurance adjuster is likely to deny your request for loss of earning capacity because it can increase the total damages substantially.

If you received substandard care in a clinical setting but are unsure how to obtain testimony from any of the above experts, contact The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm today. Call (504) 586-5200 to schedule a consultation with a medical malpractice attorney in New Orleans. You can learn more about malpractice claims in Louisiana by visiting the USAttorneys website.

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