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Medical malpractice can lead to additional treatment and death

March 2nd, 2017
On behalf of David Bowling of The Bowling Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation posted in Medical Malpractice on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

Research and technology advancement over the years have led to the discovery of many life-saving pharmaceutical treatments. Although medicines can offer many benefits for patients in Louisiana to maintain health, many can be lethal if not administered or monitored correctly. Technology has provided physicians with the ability to monitor the therapeutic and toxic levels of many various medications. Inadequate monitoring of some medications can lead to devastating physical consequences for patients, death and possible medical malpractice.

Heparin is a drug that can be used by physicians for the benefit of their patients. It has the ability to thin a patient’s blood to prevent or treat blood clots. Untreated blood clots can cause serious conditions such as strokes, pulmonary embolisms and more. Despite its benefits, if a patient has a current bleeding condition or is overdosed, it can be lethal for a patient. Fortunately, tests, lab values and strict protocols allow physicians and hospital administration to adequately monitor therapeutic levels and prevent the over-dosage of heparin in patients.

Recently, in another state, a patient’s husband filed a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court after the death of his wife. The lawsuit claims that inadequate monitoring and administration of heparin led to her death. She was admitted to the emergency room for dizziness, fever and generalized aches and pains, but she died a week later in the hospital from bleeding in her brain. Records indicate that the patient became unresponsive within 24 hours of being given her first dose of heparin.The lawsuit alleges the patient’s abnormal blood tests should have indicated to physicians that heparin was not appropriate for the patient or that it may have become toxic in her system.

The unexpected loss of a loved one that may have been prevented can be emotionally devastating. Unfortunately, while families are grieving, they also have to deal with medical and burial expenses. Medical malpractice attorneys in Louisiana can advise families of their legal rights for a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court for possible compensation.

Source:, “Widower alleges wife’s fatal brain hemorrhage due to medical malpractice“, Nicholas Malfitano, Feb. 16, 2017

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