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Different Types of Birth Injuries

November 3rd, 2019

During that time when you are the most excited to welcome your new family member, tragedy strikes and your child is diagnosed with a birth injury. Birth injuries are typically a type of claim that is brought under medical malpractice law. If your baby has any of the following types of injuries, you should speak to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer about whether you have an actionable birth injury claim.

Cerebral Palsy

Unfortunately, cerebral palsy is one of the most common types of birth injuries. The term cerebral palsy actually refers to a group of disorders that will affect a person’s posture, their mobility and ability to maintain balance. Cerebral indicates that the condition has to do with the brain, and palsy indicates that there is some sort of weakness or problems with using muscles in the body.

Brain Damage

If a child is stuck in the birth canal, they may be deprived of oxygen during the delivery. Being without oxygen for a substantial period of time can result in a serious brain injury, a permanent vegetative state, or death. Other complications from the deprivation of oxygen can include cerebral palsy and seizures.

Spinal Damage

Oftentimes, spinal damage occurs in newborn babies during the birth process if forceps were used incorrectly to remove the baby from the birth canal. Incorrect use of forceps could cause nerve damage or traumatic spinal cord injuries. If a baby has spinal damage, they may be facing a lifetime of neurological problems and other mobility issues.

Excessive Pulling

Brain damage and physical injuries can occur if vacuum extraction or forceps were used to attempt to remove the baby from the birth canal. These tools are powerful, and any excessive force can cause permanent injuries or death. Brain damage can even occur if these methods were used incorrectly.


After birth, an infection can occur in the newborn baby. While this alone is not grounds for a lawsuit, if an infection is not discovered, diagnosed, or monitored in time by a doctor, nurse, hospital staff member or another medical professional, the infection may become severe and result in serious complications.

Birth Canal Complication

Leaving a child in the birth canal for longer than necessary can create serious infections or medical conditions, including the inability to swallow or breathe. In fact, leaving a child too long in a birth canal could create a blood infection or fluid in the lungs, which can be life-threatening conditions.


A cephalohematoma is an injury that can be sustained by an infant during labor and delivery, which causes bleeding between the periosteum and the skull. The pooling of blood from the baby’s blood vessels damages the skin’s inner layers and the infant’s skull.

Contact an Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney 

The list above does not include all types of birth injuries to newborns. Additionally, the mother can also be injured during the birth process due to medical negligence. If you feel that you or your child have been injured in any way after labor and delivery due to the negligence of a medical professional or medical facility, you may have the right to receive compensation for your injuries. For a complimentary consultation of your birth injury case, contact the experienced medical malpractice attorneys at The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm at 504-586-5200 or online today.

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