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Woman sues hospital claiming inappropriate standard of care

October 2nd, 2019

Likely, many Louisiana residents can relate to the experience of visiting a doctor with a health problem only to have the treatment for that problem lead to a different issue requiring its own treatment. This seems to be what happened when a woman in a different state visited a hospital for a chest procedure. She is now suing the hospital, claiming she did not receive the appropriate standard of care. In the lawsuit, she is alleging medical negligence and seeking $100,000 in addition to legal costs.

The lawsuit states that the woman went to the hospital in July, 2016 for a procedure in which doctors inserted a chest tube to examine the back of her breastbone. Apparently, following the procedure, a milky substance leaked out of the tube outside of her body, something that was not supposed to happen with that procedure. According to the complaint, a few days later, she underwent foot surgery to repair the leak. Doctors placed stitches in her foot and discharged her.

Reportedly, the woman returned to the hospital six days later to have the stitches removed. Apparently, the wound was open. Later, after experiencing swelling and pain in her foot, she returned to the hospital where medical staff diagnosed her with cellulitis, which is an infection caused when bacteria enters an open wound. According to the lawsuit, the patient was discharged the next day, but she returned to the hospital approximately one week later as the incision had opened. The complaint states that the hospital’s doctors did not properly assess and treat her condition and that the hospital’s negligence directly led to serious and disabling damage to her body.

Although every patient, whether in Louisiana or anywhere else, has the right to expect an appropriate standard of care, in reality, sometimes medical professionals are negligent, and the expected standard is not reached. Often, people who feel they have been victims of medical negligence and are suffering as a result consult with an attorney experienced in medical malpractice, as this woman has done. Such a professional can review individual case details and provide valuable legal advice.

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