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Lawsuit claims inappropriate standard of care led to death

September 18th, 2019

Many Louisiana residents have experienced health challenges that may have resulted in the need for spinal surgery. Patients in this position likely feel a particularly high level of trepidation as they anticipate surgery since proper functioning of the spine is a key component in one’s ability to move about freely. Unfortunately, a patient in another state underwent spinal surgery that cost him his life, and his son recently filed a lawsuit against the surgeon for $7 million, claiming he failed to provide an appropriate standard of care that led to his father’s death.

The surgeon performed the procedure on the 78-year-old man last February. According to the lawsuit, during the surgery, the patient was given four injections of propofol, resulting in an overdose. Apparently, the last injection contradicted that recommended by the manufacturer and the American Society of Anesthesiology. The plaintiff’s lawyer claims the surgeon also left the surgery while the patient was unstable, leaving a nurse in charge.

The lawsuit also cites discrepancies between the medical facility and the local emergency communications center regarding timing of the 911 call placed after the patient’s pulse dropped and he had difficulty breathing. Apparently, the call was placed 10 minutes later than indicated on the medical facility’s records. In addition, the lawsuit states that information about the time at which medical personnel started CPR on the patient differs between the surgeon’s documentation and the emergency team’s records.

The plaintiff’s lawyer states that the patient’s death resulted from gross medical negligence. Sadly, had the medical professionals involved applied an appropriate standard of care, this man may now be alive to enjoy life with his family. Louisiana residents who feel they have also been victims of medical negligence have the right to pursue the matter in civil court. An attorney experienced in medical malpractice can review individual case details and discuss legal options.

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