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Medical malpractice suit alleges sponge left in patient’s body

May 6th, 2019

Anyone in Louisiana or elsewhere who is undergoing any sort of surgical procedure expects medical professionals to provide detailed information about any risks involved with the surgery. Patients can then make informed medical decisions and will also know what to expect if they experience any unusual results following the procedure. A woman in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging she was not well informed prior to an operation she underwent in 2015. Recently, a judge set a two-week jury trial for June of next year for the case.

In May 2015, the woman went to the hospital to investigate her abdominal pain. Physicians diagnosed her with gallstones and prescribed medication; they also determined she should have her gallbladder removed. Reportedly, after the patient underwent multiple procedures, she suffered pain and showed signs of infection. These symptoms apparently continued, and the following year, she returned to the hospital for further procedures. Allegedly, a physician prescribed the patient antibiotics after admitting the pain may have been due to a foreign object left inside her during surgery, and in 2017, testing revealed a sponge in her body cavity.

The lawsuit alleges that a foreign object was left in the patient’s body during surgery and that prior to surgery medical personnel did not properly inform her as to the risks involved. The suit states that the defendant should have known that a foreign object was left in the woman’s body cavity. According to official documents, nearly 80 defendants employed by the medical facility are named in the lawsuit, and the plaintiff is seeking in excess of $25,000 on each of the four counts.

Most likely, this patient endured far more pain and suffering than was necessary given her medical condition, likely due to the negligent behaviour of the medical professionals she entrusted with her care. Patients who have had similar experiences of medical negligence may wish to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney about the possibility of pursuing the matter in Louisiana civil court. While such action cannot reverse medical decisions, a successfully litigated case could provide monetary compensation for damages such as pain and suffering and loss of income.

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