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Patient sues doctor after suffering brain injuries

August 21st, 2018
On behalf of David Bowling of The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation posted in Brain Injuries on Tuesday, August 21, 2018.

It isn’t unusual for patients to leave the hospital against a doctor’s wishes. Many Louisiana patients leave and do not suffer any long-term problems. However, one man and his family are suing a doctor after the patient suffered permanent brain injuries after the doctor allowed him to leave the hospital without treatment.

The patient was initially brought in by police after getting into a fight. During the assault, he was hit on the head with a blunt object by another bystander. When the authorities found him, he was bleeding and very clearly intoxicated. After initially refusing treatment, the man eventually submitted to an x-ray as well as a blood test, which showed a blood alcohol level over the legal limit.

At first, the doctor read the x-ray as normal but wanted to continue to observe the patient. The patient refused to remain at the hospital and was taken to jail by the authorities instead. Later, it was discovered by a radiologist that the x-ray had, in fact, revealed a depression in the patient’s skull at the injury site.

When doctors discovered the depression, the police brought the man back to the hospital where he was observed for several hours. The patient also underwent surgery to remove the skull fragments. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done, and the man suffered a permanent brain injury that prevents him from holding a job and also affects his cognitive abilities. His family claims that the doctor is at fault because he allowed the clearly intoxicated man to leave the hospital without receiving treatment.

Louisiana residents who have suffered brain injuries due to a doctor’s failure to diagnose or treat an injury or illness may wish to consult with an attorney. The victim or his or her family may be entitled to compensation. This compensation may include payment for additional medical treatment, pain and suffering, loss of income, or other damages.

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