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Hospital negligence may have led to death of young girl

January 25th, 2017
On behalf of David Bowling of The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation posted in Hospital Negligence on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

Before a child is born, parents are faced with numerous decisions on a daily basis regarding the care of their child. While some decisions may appear to be simple and routine, many are much more difficult to make. At times parents have to trust the expertise of others when weighing decisions for the care of their child. They often rely on the training and experience of Louisiana medical professionals when their child is injured or sick. Recently, in another state, parents believe hospital negligence led to the death of their daughter at a young age.

The parents of the 13-year-old female victim sought the advice of pediatricians and emergency room doctors after their daughter complained of many unusual symptoms. For months, she complained of severe migraines, nausea, trouble with her vision and numbness of her tongue. The lawsuit claims that her symptoms warranted a brain scan, but one was not done until the patient’s final visit to the emergency room.

On the patient’s last hospital visit, the lawsuit claims that a brain scan was not ordered until the girl became unresponsive. When the scan was performed, it revealed a brain tumor that explained her months of symptoms. Despite a diagnosis, the girl did not survive.

Months of seeking treatment for their daughter’s symptoms likely accumulated many medical bills that an earlier diagnosis may have prevented. Unexpected funeral expenses also added to financial stress during a difficult time. Families that have lost a loved one as a result of hospital negligence could benefit from advice from an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Louisiana about their litigation options in civil court. If a medical professional’s negligence is established in court, compensation may be awarded to help reduce the financial stress of the victim’s parents.

Source:, “Family suing Concord Hospital after 13-year-old girl died from undetected brain tumor“, Jan. 17, 2017

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