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Hospital Negligence Archives

Two deaths result in hospital negligence claim

An investigation was launched by another state after two people died at an area hospital. Hospital negligence was suggested when the report showed serious staff shortages at the facility. In fact, according to the investigation, there were times during the night that the place was so understaffed that they would have to wheel patients out of the only operating room during surgery in order to handle emergency situations. Diminished staff is an issue in many hospitals across the U.S., including in Louisiana.

Veteran's family files suit for hospital negligence

A veteran's children have filed a suit for wrongful death against a VA clinic. The three plaintiffs feel that hospital negligence was responsible for their father's death. The man, who was an armorer in the U.S. Navy between the years of 1960 and 1964, was a veteran of the Vietnam War and, after retiring from the military, opened his own charter sailing company. Medical malpractice is a daily issue in the state of Louisiana, causing many deaths and injuries each year.

Stillborn infant's remains lost in hospital negligence case

A judge has ruled that one hospital must inform a mother what happened to her baby after the facility allegedly lost the stillborn infant's remains. The mother, who is suing for hospital negligence, has been trying for over three years to get answers as to why she cannot lay her child to rest. According to the judge, the mother has the right to know where those remains ended up. In Louisiana, a stillborn birth is also known as a spontaneous fetal death.

Mercy Springfield ordered to pay $28.9M for hospital negligence

Out-of-state Mercy Clinic Springfield Communities has been ordered by a jury to pay $28.9 million in a lawsuit. The plaintiff in the hospital negligence case is a 25-year-old woman who argued that the health care system failed to diagnose her with a rare disorder in time to keep her from prolonged suffering from the disease. That jury decided that the hospital's failure to diagnose that illness amounted to negligence. Medical malpractice is also an issue in Louisiana.

Jury awards woman $13.7 million in malpractice suit

People in Louisiana suffer from the influenza virus ever year, and most of them make a full recovery. A 53-year-old woman in another state became so ill with the flu that she had to seek the help of emergency room physicians. Unfortunately, her treatment resulted in permanent disability, and she sought the counsel of medical malpractice attorneys. A jury agreed with her lawsuit and awarded her over $13 million for her financial, physical and emotional loss.

Multiple medical malpractice lawsuits filed against hospital

Using sterile needles, medicines and intravenous fluids on patients is established standard of care. Keeping anything injected into a patient sterile is vital to preventing life altering and/or threatening illness. Louisiana patients trust medical staff to follow standard practice for their health safety. Recently, a hospital employee in another state allegedly endangered hundreds of patients when he tampered with intravenous medications prior to its administration to patients. Many patients are now filing medical malpractice lawsuits as a result.

Families can seek compensation for medical malpractice

Sepsis is a serious late stage of an infection that can be fatal if left untreated. Classic symptoms of sepsis include low blood pressure, high heart rate and elevated white blood cells. Those in Louisiana who develop sepsis or sepsis-like symptoms most likely warrant a full evaluation in a medical facility. In a nearby state, a medical malpractice lawsuit claims a patient's symptoms of sepsis were inadequately treated, which may have contributed to his death.

Hospital negligence may have led to death of young girl

Before a child is born, parents are faced with numerous decisions on a daily basis regarding the care of their child. While some decisions may appear to be simple and routine, many are much more difficult to make. At times parents have to trust the expertise of others when weighing decisions for the care of their child. They often rely on the training and experience of Louisiana medical professionals when their child is injured or sick. Recently, in another state, parents believe hospital negligence led to the death of their daughter at a young age.

Family awarded compensation for hospital negligence

People trust Louisiana hospitals and emergency rooms on a daily basis to care for their loved ones when a health crisis arises. Unfortunately, hospitals do not always provide the highest expected standard of care. Whatever the reason for hospital negligence regarding patients, when it happens, it can have devastating consequences. Recently, in another state, a family was awarded compensation for the wrongful death of their father at a hospital.

Hospital negligence may lead to "Dead in the Bed"

Families often feel relief hearing news from a surgeon that a loved one has successfully survived and stabilized after surgery. Once a patient is moved to a regular room, the family's worry is likely to subside, and they may not be aware that many dangers still exist from the surgery. Bowel obstructions, blood clots, pneumonia, infection and death are some of the main risks that exist during recovery. Some risks are naturally a part of surgery, but some may come from hospital negligence via inadequate care and monitoring by staff. A recent review of medical cases in Louisiana and the rest of the country revealed an alarming phenomenon of patients being found dead in their beds after surgery.