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Common Spinal Cord Injuries Car Accident Victims May Sustain

December 3rd, 2019

Some severe car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to drivers and passengers. Some of the most common injuries include spinal cord injuries that can be permanent and life-threatening. The following are the most common spinal cord injuries suffered after serious car accidents by victims.


The most common form of spinal cord injuries suffered in a car accident are whiplash injuries. While the focus of the impact is on the neck, whiplash can also affect the spine. In fact, many victims will experience several spinal cord injuries simultaneously which can exacerbate their whiplash injuries. Some victims suffer from chronic whiplash which is a permanent and lifelong injury that causes both physical and emotional distress.

Herniated Disc and Ruptured Discs

Discs between the vertebrae of the spine keep them from rubbing together and causing injury. The impact of a car accident can cause these jelly-filled discs to tear, shift or rupture. When this occurs, the victim may have a herniated or ruptured disc which can cause severe pain or numbness throughout the body. While these cases may resolve over time, some instances of herniated or ruptured discs remain lifelong and chronic.

Spinal Fractures

In many car accident cases, the victim’s body may be jerked sharply in one direction followed immediately by a jerk in the other direction. This type of jerking can cause a compression fracture of the spine, or spondylolisthesis, which is when the vertebra is fractured and then moves and places additional pressure on the spinal column. While these conditions may improve with surgery, rest, physical therapy and other treatments, sometimes the victim is left with lifelong pain and suffering.

Facet Joint Injuries

Joints are found in the spine and act similar to a hinge between each of the vertebra. These joints are often injured during car accidents. If a victim suffers from facet joint injuries, they may have to have physical therapy, injections, chiropractic treatments, or ablation.

Spinal Stenosis 

Car accidents do not directly cause spinal stenosis — a deterioration of the spine. However, a car accident can cause a case of spinal stenosis to become symptomatic and cause additional pain and suffering from an already deteriorating spine. While the original condition may have already been present, the car accident would have exacerbated it to a higher level or cause symptoms that were not present previously.

Actual Spinal Cord Injuries

Car accidents often cause direct injury to the spinal cord. These injuries are oftentimes the most catastrophic and severe. While the spine can be repaired, the nerves that protect the spine cannot be repaired. Victims who have direct spinal cord injuries may face a lifetime of pain and suffering.

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