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Severely disabled woman files medical malpractice lawsuit

March 26th, 2019

Louisiana residents who have checked into a hospital with health issues of any sort know that often medical professionals order testing of some kind in order to properly diagnose the problem. However, when the required test is not immediately available, the patient may suffer consequences. Unfortunately, sometimes these consequences can be very serious, leaving the patient believing that the situation would have been quite different had the necessary action been taken earlier. Such was the case for a severely disabled woman from another state who recently filed a $4.6 million medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital.

According to the lawsuit, in April 2017, the woman experienced symptoms that may have indicated a stroke. After she checked into a local hospital for treatment, a doctor told her an MRI would be necessary to determine if she had indeed had a stroke. However, the doctor told her the MRI would not be available for two days.

The woman went home and returned to the hospital two days later. Medical professionals ordered the MRI, but while she was waiting for the test, she had a stroke, which left her severely disabled. She is claiming medical negligence.

While everyone visiting a medical facility hopes for the assurance of a quick diagnosis and treatment, unfortunately, sometimes further action is delayed for one reason or another. In this case, the patient has endured severe consequences that have changed her life significantly. Anyone who has experienced a similar situation may wish to contact a Louisiana medical malpractice attorney who can review individual case details and determine if a lawsuit is a viable option.

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