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Hospitality Accident Lawyer In New Orleans And Metairie, Louisiana

You go on vacation to get away from it all, to escape the hustle of everyday life. Everyone wants a worry-free journey. When you stay in a hotel or enjoy the amenities at a casino, you place a certain amount of trust in the staff and management that the grounds and facilities will be safe. Yet, even when hotel and casinos are inspected thoroughly, sometimes accidents happen. Louisiana’s premises liability laws hold hospitality management and staff responsible for the safety of their properties. Premises liability law applies most strongly when individuals are paid guests on a hotel or casino’s property. Hotel management and casino staff are legally liable to keep their premises safe and to warn their guests about any dangers or hazards. If you get injured as a paid guest, you may be entitled to receive compensation to pay for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and rehabilitation fees. The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, handles a range of hospitality accident law cases in New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana. The firm’s extensive commitment to litigation and representing personal injury clients means that you’ll receive qualified and caring counsel with over 30 years of practice in the field. The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm is team of tourism injury attorneys who will take the time to review your case and offer you the best possible representation under the law.

Common Causes Of Hotel And Casino Injuries

There are many ways that individuals get injured while on vacation. Tourism injury lawyers are specialized in understanding the unique premises liability claims that may arise when individuals get hurt while on vacation. Here are some common causes of hotel and casino injuries.

  • Swimming pools. Despite profiting off of their swimming facilities, a shocking number or resorts and casinos fail to hire life guards to protect those who choose to go swimming in their pools. While most people swim “at their own risk” at these pools, managers and owners are required to maintain the premises up to certain safety codes. For instance, the area surrounding a pool should be properly surfaced and marked to prevent slips and falls. The depth of the water should be labeled and proper warnings should be posted. Slips, falls and diving injuries can lead to head trauma, spinal cord injury and broken bones. These injuries can seriously affect a person’s quality of life. A hospitality accident lawyer in New Orleans or Metairie may be able to assist you if you’ve been injured in a casino or hotel pool.
  • Furniture and fixture defects. If a chair or bed breaks, leading to your injury, you may have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Hotels and management are required to furnish hotel rooms and lobbies with safe furniture. Hotels may repair banisters or railings themselves, not aware that these fixtures are not up to code. If these fixtures fail, the results can sometimes be tragic. Unfortunately, older buildings may not always be up to fire code and standards, putting guests at risk.
  • Floor defects. Loose floorboards, uneven surfaces, and even worn carpets can lead to slips and falls. In a restaurant, a wet floor can lead to injuries. Staff are required to warn guests about any flooring dangers. Slips and falls can result in broken hips in older guests, and, in severe cases, these kinds of injuries can lead to traumatic head injury, broken bones and even death.
  • Bedbug infestations. If a hotel bed or furniture is infested with bedbugs, the likelihood that you’ll bring bedbugs home increases. Bedbug infestations can be incredibly expensive to eradicate. Individuals may get bitten, causing damage to the skin.
  • Violence or assault. If a hotel or casino doesn’t put in place proper security measures, guests can be at risk of crime. Travelers are often viewed as quick targets. In some extreme cases, hotel staff assault guests. The effects of this violence can be long-term and psychological, requiring years of care.

If you’ve been hurt while on vacation, don’t suffer in silence. The tourism injury attorneys at The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm are here for you. We help accident victims get the recovery they deserve.

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