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Surgical Errors Archives

Medical malpractice: Baby's airway burned in procedure

No Louisiana parent wants to watch his or her infant child suffer through medical procedures and complications. Unfortunately, parents in another state have had to witness their child's suffering, and the child will need continued care after a medical procedure that did not occur as planned. The parents have recently filed a lawsuit against the physicians and the hospital for medical malpractice.

Doctor prohibited from performing cosmetic surgical procedures

Thousands of people across the country undergo cosmetic procedures every day for a variety of different reasons. For example, a person living in Louisiana might undergo such a procedure for health reasons, while another person might undergo the same procedure for personal reasons. After the death of a patient, a doctor has been prohibited from performing surgical procedures, such as liposuction and other fat transfer procedures. 

Doctors Using Potentially Risky Drug to Treat Back Pain

Lawsuits filed after surgical procedures fail

The term "experimental" may hold very different meanings for different patients. To a patient with a terminal illness or potentially fatal injury, an experimental treatment may be the difference between life and death, but to a patient with a non-life threatening illness or injury, an experimental treatment may be something to be cautious of. Many Louisiana residents may be particularly cautious of experimental surgical procedures

Surgical errors results in $2 million verdict

People living in Louisiana who have had to undergo surgery know that there is usually a certain amount of risk. Over the years, medical professionals have worked to make surgeries as safe as possible for patients. Laparoscopic procedures are intended to help minimize the risk to patients. Unfortunately, one such procedure went wrong, and the surgical errors that followed caused long-term damage to the patient.

$6.8 million verdict reached in medical malpractice case

Performing surgeries on older patients can be risky as many Louisiana residents may already know. Even a common procedure with only minor or moderate risks for a younger patient can be especially dangerous for an older patient. This may be especially true if the doctor is using techniques or treatments that are considered to be outdated or dangerous. In a similar medical malpractice case, nearly $7 million was awarded to the family of a patient who died after undergoing hiatal hernia surgery.

Doctor made famous by reality TV is sued for medical malpractice

Watching reality television has become a favorite pass time in many Louisiana homes. There seems to be a reality show for nearly any type of interest, including celebrities, survival shows, extreme weight loss programs or botched surgeries. Some of the individuals, especially doctors or other frequently sought professionals, become so well known that people seek their services outside of the show. A surgeon who was made famous for performing life-saving weight-loss surgeries on My 600-lb Life has recently been sued for medical malpractice after a piece of metal and tubing was found inside of one of his former patients. 

Instruments left inside of patients after surgical procedures

In hospitals across the nation, including Louisiana, there are patients awaiting surgery who have a habit of fantasizing about the potential worst case scenario. These individuals have heard numerous stories of surgical procedures going horribly wrong and surgical instruments being left inside of patients. Thankfully, these stories are often untrue, or they are so grossly exaggerated that many people will not give them any real consideration. However, there are times when these stories are not overly exaggerated or the work of an overactive imagination.

Surgical errors result in lawsuit

When a patient goes into surgery, he or she is trusting the doctor to perform the procedure with the utmost care and professionalism. Unfortunately, as some Louisiana residents may know, it is possible for doctors to make mistakes, and those mistakes have the potential to cause long-term problems for the patient. The situation can also be made worse when the doctor attempts to hide surgical errors from the patient.

Errors can occur before surgical procedures begin

It isn't unusual for patients and their loved ones to worry about what will happen during surgery. Even minor or frequently performed surgical procedures can make patients nervous. However, as some Louisiana residents have discovered, it is possible for mistakes to be made before the first incision is made.