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Surgical Errors Archives

Doctor made famous by reality TV is sued for medical malpractice

Watching reality television has become a favorite pass time in many Louisiana homes. There seems to be a reality show for nearly any type of interest, including celebrities, survival shows, extreme weight loss programs or botched surgeries. Some of the individuals, especially doctors or other frequently sought professionals, become so well known that people seek their services outside of the show. A surgeon who was made famous for performing life-saving weight-loss surgeries on My 600-lb Life has recently been sued for medical malpractice after a piece of metal and tubing was found inside of one of his former patients. 

Instruments left inside of patients after surgical procedures

In hospitals across the nation, including Louisiana, there are patients awaiting surgery who have a habit of fantasizing about the potential worst case scenario. These individuals have heard numerous stories of surgical procedures going horribly wrong and surgical instruments being left inside of patients. Thankfully, these stories are often untrue, or they are so grossly exaggerated that many people will not give them any real consideration. However, there are times when these stories are not overly exaggerated or the work of an overactive imagination.

Surgical errors result in lawsuit

When a patient goes into surgery, he or she is trusting the doctor to perform the procedure with the utmost care and professionalism. Unfortunately, as some Louisiana residents may know, it is possible for doctors to make mistakes, and those mistakes have the potential to cause long-term problems for the patient. The situation can also be made worse when the doctor attempts to hide surgical errors from the patient.

Errors can occur before surgical procedures begin

It isn't unusual for patients and their loved ones to worry about what will happen during surgery. Even minor or frequently performed surgical procedures can make patients nervous. However, as some Louisiana residents have discovered, it is possible for mistakes to be made before the first incision is made. 

Did multiple surgical errors result in the death of a patient?

When undergoing surgery, Louisiana patients want a doctor that is confident in his or her abilities. However, an inexperienced and overconfident doctor can unintentionally cause a wide variety of problems for patients and their families. One family alleges that a doctor's overconfidence and unwillingness to take the advice of others resulted in multiple surgical errors and the death of their loved one.

Surgical errors cause patient to undergo more surgery

Louisiana families know that bringing a child into the world is an amazing and somewhat terrifying experience. The memories of the day that a child is born should not be marred by pain caused by surgical errors. Such was the case for one mother who was forced to undergo more surgery to correct a preventable issue.

Reducing noise during procedures may help lessen surgical errors

Facing a surgical procedure, whether through an elective operation or emergency surgery, usually induces apprehension in most patients. It may only add to a patient's anxiety levels if he or she stops to consider the possibility of becoming a victim of surgical errors . While the majority of Louisiana patients will experience a routine procedure and an uneventful recovery, there are some who may not be as fortunate.

State verifies low standard of care at 1 hospital

Investigators for another state have found less-than-ideal conditions at Tulare Regional Medical Center. The low standard of care was substantiated by an investigation by the Department of Public Health for that state. This investigation was prompted by a high number of complaints against that facility. Although this investigation was not in Louisiana, all 50 states receive similar complaints throughout the year.

Patient to sue after falling off table during surgical procedures

A patient was given the go-ahead to sue after she fell off of the operating table while undergoing surgery. Although the hospital and surgeon both tried to get the case dismissed, a three-judge panel decided that the woman could indeed go forward with her lawsuit. Just as in Louisiana, patients in other states may be able to sue when they are injured during surgical procedures.

Hospital fined for surgical errors; towel left in patient

A hospital has been fined after an unnamed surgeon reportedly left a blue towel inside of one of his or her patients. The patient, who also remains unnamed, stated that he lost 43 pounds and had trouble with his bowels because of the mistakes made during his surgical procedures. The hospital has been fined $86,000. Surgical errors can cost thousands of dollars each year in Louisiana.