The Bowling Law Firm has obtained many large recoveries on behalf of its clients. This should not imply that the Firm always succeeds. Indeed, the Firm's willingness to take to trial difficult cases has caused it to lose several cases over the years. Thus, while this list does not suggest a potential result in a future case, it illustrates how The Bowling Law Firm has the ability, willingness, resources, and desire to handle cases of the highest stakes.

$6,400,000.00. Pharmacy error resulting in brain injury.

$5,250,000.00. Trucking accident resulting in two wrongful deaths.

$4,000,000.00. Medical malpractice resulting in anoxic brain injury/cerebral palsy.

$3,025,000.00. Auto repair service error resulting in vehicle rollover and spinal cord injury.

$2,040,670.00. Equine accident resulting in brain injury.

$2,020,000. Trucking accident resulting in brain injury.

$1,725,000.00. Medical malpractice resulting in delayed diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome resulting in nerve injury.

$1,250,000.00. EMTALA violation/medical malpractice resulting in failure to treat myocardial infarction.

$1,100,000.00. Nursing malpractice resulting in decubitus ulcer (pressure sore) formation.

$1,085,000.00. Medical malpractice; delayed diagnosis of infected hydronephrosis resulting in amputations.

$925,000.00, plus all future medical and rehabilitation expenses for the injured child's lifetime. Medical malpractice resulting in birth injury.

$700,000.00. Medical malpractice resulting in stillbirth and hysterectomy.

$575,000.00. Medical malpractice for negligent ERCP Perforation.

$550,000.00. Medical malpractice resulting in abdominal injury.

$540,000.00. Hospital error resulting in wrongful death.

$500,000.00. Nursing error resulting in anoxic brain injury (statutory maximum).

$500,000.00. Trip and fall on hotel resulting in back and knee injuries.

$500,000.00. Motorcycle-automobile accident resulting in leg and vertebral fractures.

$495,000.00. Medical malpractice; failure to treat hypertension resulting in stroke and wrongful death.

$475,000.00. Medical malpractice; failure to diagnose aortic stenosis resulting in wrongful death.