Strong Advocacy After A Truck Accident

Truck accident litigation is unique in that it requires experience in and knowledge of federal regulations that govern the trucking industry. The attorneys at The Bowling Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, have extensive experience representing victims of accidents involving trucks in Louisiana and Mississippi. The injuries sustained in truck collisions can be severe and even catastrophic, the type of injuries the Firm has the skill and resources to properly handle.

What Happened In Your Truck Crash?

Our attorneys combine their experience litigating issues unique to the field of trucking with their ability to handle medically complex cases. We are a Firm with a history of protecting our clients’ right to compensation and getting results, whether they come from negotiations or trial. However, it is important to act quickly because statute of limitations laws may place limits on how long you have to make a claim under the law.

Truck accident cases are distinct from passenger vehicle accidents for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Truck drivers are required to abide by hours of service laws. Federal law requires truck drivers to take regular breaks and rest between shifts. Failure to do so could result in drivers being on the road while fatigued. Research has found that fatigued driving can be just as deadly as drunk driving.  If you’ve been in a truck crash, the lawyers at The Bowling Law Firm can review your driver’s logs and shipping schedules to determine if important federal regulations were followed.
  • Truck companies are required to properly maintain their vehicles. When truck companies cut corners, the people who suffer are often the innocent drivers and passengers in other vehicles. A tire blowout in an 18-wheeler can result in a truck driver losing control of his or her vehicle. Truck companies may patch tires or put used tires on their trucks, a practice which can put a driver at risk of a blowout. Similarly, failure to regularly maintain brakes and other systems can result in serious injury or death.
  • Truck drivers must abide by strict driving laws and requirements. Many states have distinct driving laws that truck drivers must abide by. For example, truck drivers are not permitted to text and drive and need to use hands-free devices when operating a cellphone. Drivers must also submit to medical testing in order to ensure that they don’t have a medical condition that could interfere with their driving. When drivers fail to abide by these requirements, or when companies fail to properly vet their drivers, tragedy can strike.

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