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Surgical Errors Archives

Patient to sue after falling off table during surgical procedures

A patient was given the go-ahead to sue after she fell off of the operating table while undergoing surgery. Although the hospital and surgeon both tried to get the case dismissed, a three-judge panel decided that the woman could indeed go forward with her lawsuit. Just as in Louisiana, patients in other states may be able to sue when they are injured during surgical procedures.

Hospital fined for surgical errors; towel left in patient

A hospital has been fined after an unnamed surgeon reportedly left a blue towel inside of one of his or her patients. The patient, who also remains unnamed, stated that he lost 43 pounds and had trouble with his bowels because of the mistakes made during his surgical procedures. The hospital has been fined $86,000. Surgical errors can cost thousands of dollars each year in Louisiana.

Doctor removed wrong organ, barred from surgical procedures

A doctor who removed the wrong organ has been barred from performing certain operations. The surgeon accidentally removed his patient's spleen, instead of his kidney, according to a report. Because of his surgical error, this surgeon is no longer allowed to practice medicine or perform surgical procedures on his own. In Louisiana, many medical malpractice cases are caused by surgical errors.

What Are the Most Common Surgical Errors?

According to WebMD, doctors in the United States make more than 4,000 preventable surgical errors annually. These mistakes are called "never events" because they should not occur under any circumstances. Each year, medical workers and facilities pay out about $1.3 billion to malpractice victims and their families.

Patient's suffer as a result of surgeon's medical malpractice

When Louisiana surgeons operate on patients, they are expected to adhere to set standards established by their own medical profession. Any deviation from proper procedure can lead to unnecessary harm and injury to a patient. Recently, in a nearby state, an administrative judge concluded that a plastic surgeon committed medical malpractice. The victims feel the judge's order is the first step for some legal justice for their physical and emotional injuries.

Woman awarded judgment in medical malpractice case

Childbirth is an exciting life-altering experience. Unfortunately, for some Louisiana parents, childbirth does not always go as planned, often overwhelming new moms and dads with the outcome. In anpther state, two new parents were awarded compensation after medical malpractice changed their first and now only childbirth experience.

Surgical errors turned costly for patient

Going under the knife can be scary for any patient. Advancements from technology and research have made many surgical procedures less risky and have created shorter recovery times. No matter the simplicity of a surgical procedure, human error can often be a Louisiana patient's greatest risk. Recently, in another state, surgical errors were the cause of a female patient's unplanned emergency surgery and expensive medical bills.

Medical malpractice damages caps are unfair to innocent victims

Now that a highly respected study by medical researchers indicates that medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the country, public awareness of the problem is hopefully growing. The crisis indicates an industry-wide scandal that the medical industry must work to reverse. Up until the release of those statistics, the medical and insurance industries had monopolized legislative influence in many states. The industry's lobbyists had compelled state lawmakers in many states, including in Louisiana, to pass anti-consumer, restrictive laws limiting mercilessly what innocent medical victims or their families could collect in cases of serious medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice awards may be unfairly limited by state laws

Those in Louisiana who are seeking damages from a negligent healthcare provider or professional must keep in mind that the state has a restrictive rule demanded by the medical and insurance lobbies that restricts a plaintiff's recovery for pain and suffering to $500,000. The law is particularly severe because, unlike in many other states, the law here also includes lost wages and lost earning capacity within the stated cap. Thus, a medical malpractice case that is technically worth millions may be restricted to the capped amount.

Surgeons pay $6 million in medical malpractice settlement

In Louisiana and other jurisdictions, any deviation from the minimum standard of care recognized by the medical profession with respect to the subject treatment may be medical malpractice that requires compensation to the patient or to his or her estate. The deviation must also be proved to be a substantial factor in causing the injury or death to the patient. When both negligence and causation are proved by a preponderance of the evidence, medical malpractice is established, and liability of the defendant to the plaintiff is legally mandated.