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Spinal Injury Lawyer in New Orleans and Metairie, LA

According to the Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Care and Cure, there are approximately 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injuries every year. Spinal cord injuries occur largely due to car accidents, falls, violence, and sports injuries. These injuries are often life-altering and permanent. The cost of injuries can be immense. An individual with paraplegia, on average, will pay approximately $292,740 in medical expenses in the first year they are injured. The ongoing cost of medical care in future years averages around $30,000. These figures don’t account for lost wages, lost productivity, and benefits. The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm is a team of spinal cord injury lawyers who work with victims of catastrophic injuries. If you or a loved one has experienced a spinal cord injury, you need a spinal injuries lawyer in New Orleans and Metairie, LA who is versed in the law. The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm understands the complex medical issues that spinal cord injury victims face and works closely with survivors and their families.

Spinal Injury and What You Can Do

An injury involves damage to the spinal cord or nerves. Damage to these nerves can result in permanent loss of strength, function, or sensation. Getting treatment for a spinal injury as soon as possible after the injury takes place is incredibly important. Spinal cord injuries may not be immediately apparent and can be worsened if a person moves around after getting hurt. In the weeks and months after an injury, individuals may heal as the body recovers. The cost of rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury occurs can be immense. Individuals may need assistance re-learning basic life skills and adapting to their injuries. Coping with a spinal cord injury and adjusting to life changes can also be challenging. Injured individuals may require proper counseling and support. This additional care can put immense pressure on victims and families. If you’ve been injured, a spinal cord injury attorney in Metairie and New Orleans, LA may be able to assist you in getting a recovery to pay for rehabilitative care, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

In the weeks and months after experiencing a spine cord injury, it is important that you find a good team of rehabilitation professionals who can work with you. A high-quality rehabilitative team can lead to better quality of life, better health, and increased life expectancy. Some individuals also seek counseling to help them adjust to the emotional strain that a spinal cord injury can also cause. You and your loved ones may also want to speak to a spinal injury lawyer in Metairie and New Orleans, LA. The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm offers compassionate and caring counsel to families and victims of spinal cord injuries.

How Your Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Will Review Your Case

In order to ensure that you receive proper compensation for your case, your injury lawyer will review your medical diagnosis, speak to medical professionals, and speak to you and your family to understand how your injury will affect your ability to work and impact future earnings. Your lawyer will likely want to know whether you’ll need personal care workers, need to make home or vehicle adaptations, or require any other specialized medical services and equipment. Your future ability to work will be considered. When all these factors are taken into account, your lawyer will determine the likely cost of ongoing medical care, rehabilitative care, and adaptive devices. Your lawyer may also use this information to determine the amount of money you can seek in a pain and suffering recovery. The Bowling Christiansen Law Firm has handled many cases involving spinal cord injuries. Our team of injury lawyers understands the complex factors and catastrophic nature of these cases. We understand that an injury is often life-changing for victims and families and we work closely with you in a caring and compassionate manner to ensure you get the recovery you deserve. If you’ve experienced an injury in New Orleans or Metairie, LA, you need qualified lawyers on your side. We can help you move forward and get the justice you deserve.

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