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Communication plays a big part in a successful legal outcome. Granted, one's attorney typically does the talking in negotiations, mediations or the courtroom. We also provide aggressive advocacy, fighting for our clients' rights. However, that legal advocacy must be tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Litigation against Louisiana Children’s Hospital expands

In early May of this year we covered an outbreak of a fungal infection at the Children’s Hospital in Louisiana. Initially the focus of the story was on hospital reporting requirements, given that the hospital in question had apparently delayed for up to five years notifying parents of five children who allegedly died from the outbreak of the actual cause of the deaths.

Louisiana man's Legionnaires' disease allegedly from VA Hospital

Hospitals and other medical facilities are places where patients expect to be treated and cured of illnesses and injuries. But as one Louisiana native recently discovered, sometimes one can go to a hospital and end up in worse health off after being admitted than when he or she came in.

Hospital negligence cited as cause of death in lawsuit against VA

Residents of Louisiana and Americans everywhere may be concerned by the recent news of widespread problems and poor care in Veterans Administration hospitals across the nation. For many people though, those feelings hit much closer to home when they hear and witness stories of an individual family’s loss and suffering at the hands of such poor care.

Doctor, hospital sued over unnecessary surgeries

A cardiologist and the hospital where he operated have been sued over claims that the doctor subjected patients to surgeries that did not improve their health and may have even harmed them. Malpractice lawsuits by two former patients accuse the doctor and the hospital of medical negligence and hospital negligence for implanting unnecessary  medical devices.

Negligence lawsuits may be an alternative to malpractice claims

Families of the children who died from an outbreak of a fungal infection at the New Orleans Children's Hospital in 2008 and 2009 may have found a way to seek compensation for the loss of their loved ones, despite being barred by Louisiana medical malpractice law from filing lawsuits.

Surgical error prompts woman to sue Louisiana doctor

Most residents of the state of Louisiana would prefer to do whatever they can to avoid having to undergo a surgical procedure. There are however times in which it is the only real possibility of a person’s medical condition improving. While there is of course a certain amount of risk involved with virtually any surgery, anyone who has an operation assumes that the health care providers involved in it will not engage in actions that might be deemed negligent. Unfortunately this does sometimes occur.

Hospital negligence case filed in children's hospital deaths

A recently released medical journal report is shedding a bright light on the deaths of five children several years ago, and has opened the door for potential lawsuits. The report details the deaths of the children that occurred in 2008 and 2009 and has caused quite a stir, raising questions about whether these deaths could have been prevented.

Could wireless technology help reduce medication errors?

The right medication in the right dosage can make all of the difference. It can eradicate a dangerous illness. It can take away the incredible pain that could follow a major surgery. It can even help a New Orleans resident manage what could be a debilitating disorder.

Lawsuit: cocaine use and surgery certainly do not mix

In 2008, a man was admitted to a treatment program for his suspected use of cocaine. The argument can be made that drug use such as his affects not only the user, but those in the individual's life as well. A lawsuit claims that for this man, that argument couldn't have been truer, because this man was a surgical resident.