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Hospital negligence may have led to woman's death during detox

As most Louisiana residents likely understand, people are complicated, and each person may react differently to a challenging situation, such as a death in the family. Unfortunately, some people turn to dangerous substances to help them deal with their grief. Recently, a woman in another state was admitted to a hospital and addiction center after she experienced a heroin addiction relapse. In what appears to be a matter of hospital negligence, sadly, the woman died at the center shortly after beginning treatment.

Man awarded $3 million in emergency room malpractice case

Louisiana residents likely know that when a person seeks medical attention, a swift and accurate diagnosis and immediate attention to treatment can significantly affect the outcome. In a hospital emergency room setting, although medical professionals are under pressure to quickly and efficiently evaluate a patient's condition and deliver an accurate diagnosis, failure to do so can have catastrophic results for the patient. Recently, a jury in another state awarded a 66-year-old man $3 million after hearing his case of emergency room malpractice.

Family claims hospital negligence led to man's death

When a physician in Louisiana or elsewhere prescribes a drug, the patient assumes that the physician is aware of any allergies in his or her medical history and would not prescribe the drug if it was not safe for the patient. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes a drug is prescribed despite conditions that could cause it to be harmful to a particular patient. This may have been what happened when an 80-year-old man in another state died after being prescribed a medication that he was allergic to that may have caused a lung condition leading to his death. His family is now claiming hospital negligence and is suing the hospital group for more than $1 million.

Women recorded during procedures claim hospital negligence

A person entering a medical facility as a patient may have many reasons for doing so: medical consultation, childbirth, surgery or some other necessary procedure. No matter the purpose, all patients, whether in Louisiana or elsewhere, have the right to expect privacy during such times. However, at least 80 women have filed a lawsuit against a hospital in another state, accusing the facility of hospital negligence, as well as invasion of privacy and the unlawful recording of private information.

Parents claim hospital negligence led to death of their baby

When a couple, whether in Louisiana or elsewhere, is preparing for the birth of their child, they typically envision a beautiful and positive experience for everyone involved, and they assume it will result in them taking home a healthy newborn baby. Sadly, for some people, this vision does not become their reality. Such is the case with a couple in another state who are claiming hospital negligence led to the death of their baby three days after birth. The parents recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital, claiming negligence as well as negligent infliction of emotional distress. They are asking for $10 million in damages.

Woman claims hospital negligence led to mistaken identity

Most people rightly assume that contemporary hospitals in Louisiana and across this country have effective systems in place to ensure they know the correct identity of each patient entering their doors and to be sure they are consistently applying accurate patient information throughout the duration of each person's stay. Unfortunately, a woman in another state who thought her brother was brain dead discovered the hard way that this assumption does not always prove to be true. After pulling the plug on the wrong person, she is now suing the medical facility, claiming hospital negligence led to a case of mistaken identity.

Hospital negligence leads to 4,000 ruined eggs and embryos

Many Louisiana couples dream of becoming parents one day. Unfortunately, some experience difficulty conceiving naturally and turn to medical intervention to help them achieve their goal. Sometimes, such plans include a cryogenic procedure in which embryos or eggs are frozen to be used at a later date. Last March, hospital negligence led to a malfunction in the cryo tank at a fertility center, affecting nearly 1,000 families. More than 70 lawsuits were filed against the facility, and recently, eight more families stepped forward to file claims for monetary damages.

Did hospital negligence lead to heart transplant patient's death?

A serious surgical procedure such as a heart transplant can be frightening for anyone. Those in Louisiana undergoing such a procedure has the right to assume they will receive the best care possible, thus easing their mind a little at such a stressful time. In fact, unfortunately, a hospital's level of care is not always acceptable, and sometimes, hospital negligence results in patient death.

Woman accuses hospital of emergency room malpractice

All orders in a hospital are important, but some can mean the difference between life or death for a patient. The wrong dose of medicine, the wrong medicine, the wrong operation or the error of a physician can result in serious injury or death of a patient. Louisiana patients may be interested in one woman's lawsuit, claiming that she suffered because of emergency room malpractice. Although she did not die, she now claims she has suffered additional medical expenses and pain as a result of two different medical errors during her care at a hospital in another state.

Chris Cornell's family accuses doctor of medical malpractice

Many Louisiana residents are likely aware that pharmaceutical drugs are all classified in different ways. Many drugs are controlled to help prevent overdosing and abuse of the drugs, requiring strict prescribing rules. Following 52-year-old Chris Cornell's death in 2017, his family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against his physician for negligently prescribing controlled drugs to the singer.  

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