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February 2019 Archives

Medical malpractice: woman awarded nearly $14 million

Louisiana residents likely all agree that children should be allowed a healthy, active childhood. Unfortunately, some children miss out on this experience and instead have to endure medical issues they should never have to face at such a young age. A now 22-year-old woman in another state was only 12 years old when she underwent a heart transplant. Following a subsequent surgery several years later, she requires others to care for her. She was recently awarded nearly $14 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Parents claim hospital negligence led to death of their baby

When a couple, whether in Louisiana or elsewhere, is preparing for the birth of their child, they typically envision a beautiful and positive experience for everyone involved, and they assume it will result in them taking home a healthy newborn baby. Sadly, for some people, this vision does not become their reality. Such is the case with a couple in another state who are claiming hospital negligence led to the death of their baby three days after birth. The parents recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital, claiming negligence as well as negligent infliction of emotional distress. They are asking for $10 million in damages.

Did medical malpractice lead to woman's untimely death?

When a person in Louisiana or elsewhere requires medical attention for any reason, regardless of location or station in life, he or she has the right to expect optimum care. However, a situation that happened recently in another state led one family to think that perhaps sometimes some patients are treated differently than others. Reportedly, the family of a woman who died while in custody are claiming medical malpractice and plan to sue the jail, a doctor and medical practice that they believe are responsible for her death.

Woman claims hospital negligence led to mistaken identity

Most people rightly assume that contemporary hospitals in Louisiana and across this country have effective systems in place to ensure they know the correct identity of each patient entering their doors and to be sure they are consistently applying accurate patient information throughout the duration of each person's stay. Unfortunately, a woman in another state who thought her brother was brain dead discovered the hard way that this assumption does not always prove to be true. After pulling the plug on the wrong person, she is now suing the medical facility, claiming hospital negligence led to a case of mistaken identity.

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