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November 2018 Archives

Report says medical devices may result in nerve injuries

Medical technology has made significant improvements and changes in the lives of individuals in Louisiana and all across the world. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are approximately 190,000 medical devices currently on the market that are approved for physician and patient use. The industry for medical devices has grown rapidly resulting in a $400 billion dollar industry. Despite the multitude of devices available, some people are questioning the safety of devices approved and the FDA approval process. One man in another state reports his personal experience with a medical device and the nerve injuries he has suffered as a result.

Woman accuses hospital of emergency room malpractice

All orders in a hospital are important, but some can mean the difference between life or death for a patient. The wrong dose of medicine, the wrong medicine, the wrong operation or the error of a physician can result in serious injury or death of a patient. Louisiana patients may be interested in one woman's lawsuit, claiming that she suffered because of emergency room malpractice. Although she did not die, she now claims she has suffered additional medical expenses and pain as a result of two different medical errors during her care at a hospital in another state.

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Chris Cornell's family accuses doctor of medical malpractice

Many Louisiana residents are likely aware that pharmaceutical drugs are all classified in different ways. Many drugs are controlled to help prevent overdosing and abuse of the drugs, requiring strict prescribing rules. Following 52-year-old Chris Cornell's death in 2017, his family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against his physician for negligently prescribing controlled drugs to the singer.  

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When Medical Scribes Make Mistakes

Is medical malpractice to blame for famous musician's death?

As Louisiana readers may know, the lead singer for the band Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, was found dead in his hotel room after an apparent suicide. The death took place months ago, and now his widow is moving forward with a medical malpractice claim against the doctor that prescribed him certain types of medication. Cornell had a medical history that includes addiction and relapses. 

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Medical malpractice lawsuit settled for undisclosed amount

Sepsis is a condition in which an infection overwhelms an individual's immune system. There are multiple signs that can indicate a state of sepsis, including increased heart rate, low blood pressure, fever, increased white blood count and positive blood cultures. Diagnosing an individual with sepsis and prompt treatment is imperative to an individual's ability to survive the deadly infection. Louisiana residents may be interested in one woman's medical malpractice case that was recently settled with a physician. The woman claimed in the lawsuit that her husband died due to lack of information that could have saved his life.