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March 2017 Archives

Doctor removed wrong organ, barred from surgical procedures

A doctor who removed the wrong organ has been barred from performing certain operations. The surgeon accidentally removed his patient's spleen, instead of his kidney, according to a report. Because of his surgical error, this surgeon is no longer allowed to practice medicine or perform surgical procedures on his own. In Louisiana, many medical malpractice cases are caused by surgical errors.

What Should I Do If the Pharmacy Gave Me the Wrong Prescription?

According to U.S. News, busy pharmacists can fill up to 25 prescriptions per hour, and researchers estimate that errors occur in up to 5 percent of those medications. Although most errors are minor and do not cause serious health complications, the occasional mistake can have devastating repercussiphotodune-12274234-pharmacist-realizing-rx-paper-xs.jpgons.

What Is MRSA?

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is a kind of staph bacteria that can lead to bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, and pneumonia. MRSA is particularly dangerous because it is resistant to most antibiotics, and without adequate treatment, it can cause sepsis and even death.

What Are the Most Common Surgical Errors?

According to WebMD, doctors in the United States make more than 4,000 preventable surgical errors annually. These mistakes are called "never events" because they should not occur under any circumstances. Each year, medical workers and facilities pay out about $1.3 billion to malpractice victims and their families.

Woman Files Complaint against Skilled Nursing Facility for Negligence

According to the Louisiana Record, a woman residing at a skilled nursing facility filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana after allegedly receiving substandard care. The woman claimed that in June 2016, she was living at the facility when a nursing assistant rolled her over in such a careless way that she fell out of her bed and onto the fphotodune-6656375-medical-care-problems-xs.jpgloor.

Mercy Springfield ordered to pay $28.9M for hospital negligence

Out-of-state Mercy Clinic Springfield Communities has been ordered by a jury to pay $28.9 million in a lawsuit. The plaintiff in the hospital negligence case is a 25-year-old woman who argued that the health care system failed to diagnose her with a rare disorder in time to keep her from prolonged suffering from the disease. That jury decided that the hospital's failure to diagnose that illness amounted to negligence. Medical malpractice is also an issue in Louisiana.

What Are the Most Common Birth Injuries?

Pregnant women must take a proactive approach to protecting the health of their baby, but doing so does not necessarily guarantee a smooth labor and delivery. Nothing is more devastating than doing everything right for nearly 10 months and then witnessing your newborn child suffer from a birth injury because of someone else's negligence.

How Common Are Spinal Cord Injuries in the United States?

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center estimates that approximately 282,000 people in the United States are currently living with spinal cord injuries. Although every SCI is unique, even a minor injury to the spine can affect the victim's relationships, career, and enjoyment in life.

Medical malpractice laws limit who can file claims

Each state legally restricts who is allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. After the tragic loss of a couple's adult son, they have discovered they are not eligible to file a wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit in their state's civil Court. Their particular state limits filings to spouses and dependent minor children only, but if they lived in the state of the Louisiana, they might have legal rights to file a claim.

How Common Are Preventable Birth Injuries?

Despite the many advancements in obstetrics and gynecology over the past century, complications during childbirth are still fairly common. In fact, Reuters reports that the number of severe complications both during and after delivery has increased over the past two decades.

What Are the Most Common Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)?

Although hospitals are places of healing, there are certain risks of staying at one for an extended period of time. Since most hospital patients already have a compromised immune system, they are likely to develop serious infections when they come in contact with bacteria, and it should come as no surprise that hospitals are filled with dangerous bacteria.

Jury awards woman $13.7 million in malpractice suit

People in Louisiana suffer from the influenza virus ever year, and most of them make a full recovery. A 53-year-old woman in another state became so ill with the flu that she had to seek the help of emergency room physicians. Unfortunately, her treatment resulted in permanent disability, and she sought the counsel of medical malpractice attorneys. A jury agreed with her lawsuit and awarded her over $13 million for her financial, physical and emotional loss.

What Is Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy?

When women go into labor, they have the right to a certain standard of care. It is natural to worry about birth defects during pregnancy, but no one should have to worry about birth injuries during delivery.

Should I Hire a New Orleans Medical Malpractice Lawyer to Assist with My Claim?

When you visit healthcare providers, you are essentially putting your life in their hands, and it's natural to expect quality care at every appointment. Unfortunately, medical malpractice is a very real problem around the country, and sometimes quality care is the exception, not the rule.

Medical malpractice can lead to additional treatment and death

Research and technology advancement over the years have led to the discovery of many life-saving pharmaceutical treatments. Although medicines can offer many benefits for patients in Louisiana to maintain health, many can be lethal if not administered or monitored correctly. Technology has provided physicians with the ability to monitor the therapeutic and toxic levels of many various medications. Inadequate monitoring of some medications can lead to devastating physical consequences for patients, death and possible medical malpractice.