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Hospital negligence may have contributed to vet's death at VA

Patients in Louisiana expect to receive, at a minimum, the accepted standard of care from physicians and medical facilities. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Recently, in a nearby state, a Veterans Administration hospital was named in a lawsuit for hospital negligence.

The parents of the 26-year-old deceased veteran have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the VA in which he received care, seeking damages of $6.1 million. Their son was honorably discharged from the Army following his diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. He served overseas in three tours prior to the discharge. He was prescribed an anti-inflammatory at his local VA for his ulcerative colitis.

Known side effects of the patient's treatment included lowering blood counts of white blood cells and platelets, and both are vital in keeping a body healthy and stable. The lawsuit claims that the acceptable standard of care, as recommended by the manufacturer for the anti-inflammatory drug, is to monitor blood counts every two weeks while receiving the treatment. Medical records indicate that the patient never received any blood work in the three months of his course of treatment. After three months of treatment, his blood counts became very low. Combined with his ulcerative colitis, according to the legal claim, the low blood counts accelerated his sickness and death.

Losing a loved one in a situation that may have been prevented is devastating. Families are entitled to seek advice from experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Louisiana if they suspect they may have lost a loved one due to hospital negligence. They can seek damages to cover medical bills, funeral costs, loss of companionship and other financial and emotional losses recognized by applicable laws.

Source:, "Negligence at Nashville VA hospital led to death of 26-year-old, according to lawsuit", Stacy Barchenger, Dec. 16, 2016

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