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November 2016 Archives

Woman awarded judgment in medical malpractice case

Childbirth is an exciting life-altering experience. Unfortunately, for some Louisiana parents, childbirth does not always go as planned, often overwhelming new moms and dads with the outcome. In anpther state, two new parents were awarded compensation after medical malpractice changed their first and now only childbirth experience.

4 Common Examples of Medical Negligence

We trust our doctors implicitly. We expect them to listen to our concerns, understand our medical needs, and provide effective treatments. Unfortunately, medical negligence is alarmingly common in the United States, and a small error by a physician can have devastating consequences.

6 Ways Patients Can Reduce the Risk of Medical Malpractice

When you put the state of your health in someone else's hands, you are taking a major risk. No matter how much you trust your doctor, the reality is that everyone - even the most qualified physicians - makes mistakes.

Surgical errors turned costly for patient

Going under the knife can be scary for any patient. Advancements from technology and research have made many surgical procedures less risky and have created shorter recovery times. No matter the simplicity of a surgical procedure, human error can often be a Louisiana patient's greatest risk. Recently, in another state, surgical errors were the cause of a female patient's unplanned emergency surgery and expensive medical bills.

Dental clinic sued for medical malpractice

Parents in Louisiana rely on doctors and nurses to guide them in the best care for their children. The years medical professionals spend in school and training sometimes give parents a false sense of security. Unfortunately, the best interests of a patient sometimes takes a back seat to profits. A recent lawsuit in another state alleges fraud and medical malpractice regarding unnecessary dental work and invasive procedures on children performed without a parent's consent.

What Are the 3 Most Common Categories of Birth Injuries?

Having a baby is a miraculous moment in a parent's life. Bringing a new child into the world inspires a variety of emotions - from excitement to anticipation. Sadly, all it takes is a minor oversight by a negligent doctor or nurse to ruin this special day.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed due to negligent medical malpractice

Medical establishments in Louisiana that process lab results are mandated to report critical lab results to the ordering physician. Critical labs results potentially indicate an immediate medical need of a patient. Failure to act quickly on a critical lab result could endanger a patient and be considered negligent medical malpractice. Recently, in another state, a patient's husband filed a lawsuit against multiple defendants claiming their negligence and inadequate care was the reason for his wife's death.

What Are Common Causes of Birth Asphyxia?

Anyone who has ever given birth or watched the process unfold knows that newborn babies are delicate. One small mistake during the delivery process can have tragic consequences.

11.5 million awarded in childbirth medical malpractice lawsuit

Every year in Louisiana, traumatic brain injuries cause many deaths, hospitalizations and emergency room visits for young children. Unfortunately, some children start their lives with traumatic brain injuries when there have been child birth injuries due to medical malpractice. Recently, in another state, a couple was awarded 11.5 million for their child's birth injury and the mishandling of his birth.

3 Steps to Take If You Were a Victim of Medical Negligence

It's easy to assume that medical malpractice is a rare occurrence. You may have heard horror stories about botched surgeries and prescription errors, but nobody expects to be a victim of medical negligence. However, according to a recent study in the journal Health Affairs, physicians in the United States spend more than 50 months of their careers on average with an open, unresolved malpractice claim against them.

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