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If you were injured by another person's negligent actions, a civil lawsuit provides a mechanism for holding that person accountable and seeking compensation. However, claims arising from a brain injury can present special problems.

For starters, not all brain injuries result from head trauma. Oxygen deprivation during a hospital treatment may result in permanent brain damage, as might some adverse medication interactions due to a pharmacy error. Proving causation -- that the patient's injury resulted from negligence, rather than just the ordinary risks associated with a procedure -- might be an uphill battle in these examples.

Calculating the appropriate amount of compensation can also be difficult in brain injury lawsuits. The prognosis for recovery may be uncertain, and permanent damage to brain tissue may implicate specialized care needs for the rest of an individual's life. An attorney who focuses on brain injury lawsuits can estimate economics, life care planning, and life estimates to maximize the amount of recovery.

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