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January 2016 Archives

Failure to diagnose is the basis for a $5 million settlement

Patient injuries from medical negligence in Louisiana and elsewhere are often caused by a failure to diagnose the correct condition. When a failure to diagnose occurs, any injuries caused by that failure are compensable damages to the patient. In a recent case in another state, medical providers agreed to pay a former patient  $5 million in return for a cessation of litigation against them. The case was set for trial for Jan. 2016 but was settled at the end of December.

What Damages Are Available after a Wrongful Death? New Orleans Injury Attorney Explains

Losing a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly has repercussions for the deceased's entire family. If the victim was working, then the family will lose his or her income. If the deceased needed medical treatment, the family may have to pay for it. Wrongful death is financially burdensome, but the Cornell University Law School reminds families that they have a right to compensation. This is where a wrongful death attorney may be able to assist.

Medical malpractice may involve prescribing addictive medicines

Some medical negligence claims are based on improper or excessive medications being prescribed by a treating physician. Sometimes, a doctor's actions go beyond mere negligence and are alleged to be criminal. Drug enforcement authorities regularly investigate physicians in Louisiana and elsewhere for overprescribing addictive medications without medical justification. In those cases, a patient or his or her surviving family members may have a medical malpractice claim against the doctor.

Can Patients Prevent Medical Malpractice? New Orleans Injury Attorney Offers 5 Tips

The inner workings of hospitals are complex, and a small oversight or miscommunication can lead to devastating errors. According to Forbes, victims of medical negligence recovered more than $3 billion in 2012 alone. If you suffered an injury or illness due to the negligence of a health-care worker, then one of your first calls should be to a medical malpractice attorney.

Jury says failing to do diagnostic tests is medical malpractice

The rules of negligence control medical negligence lawsuits in Louisiana and all other states. In general, when a person is having chest pain that may be symptomatic of an impending heart attack, physicians who fail to order appropriate diagnostic tests may be liable for damages when the patient dies shortly thereafter due to a heart attack. That is basically what happened in a medical malpractice case in another state, according to the verdict of $950,000 that the jury recently awarded to the decedent's family. In 2008, the 73-year-old man had made two visits to the defendant emergency room and to his primary care physician complaining of chest pain.

What Are the Most Common Infant Delivery Mistakes? New Orleans Birth Injury Attorney Investigates

Few experiences are more traumatic than dealing with childbirth injuries. Unfortunately, many birth injuries result from the negligence of health-care providers. In these cases, parents can pursue compensation from the liable party. This is where a birth injury attorney may be able to help.

Injured in a Car Accident? New Orleans Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Discusses Back and Neck Rehabilitation

Even a minor fender-bender can cause a devastating injury. The head, neck and back are especially vulnerable in collisions, and survivors often face expensive medical bills. Some cannot return to work, which leads to insurmountable debt. Fortunately, a spinal cord injury lawyer may be able to help you recover some of these financial losses. 

Medical malpractice claim is tied to gall bladder surgery

Just because a particular surgical error may be periodically committed by different surgeons in Louisiana and nationwide, that does not mean that there is no negligence or no liability. If the surgeon's actions or omissions fall below the minimally recognized standard of care in the surgical community with respect to that specialty, it may be a case of medical malpractice. Gall bladder surgery is an area where repeated mistakes of a similar nature may occur.

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