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What are some of the most common surgical errors?

When you enter into the operating room, you put your life in the hands of a group of professionals in the hopes that they will work accurately. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and surgical errors happen all too frequently in Louisiana.

Vigilance and skilled individuals are key to preventing surgical errors and more processes are being developed to diminish their frequency of occurrence. There are steps taken to prevent costly mistakes, such as charts, counting and individual responsibility, but negligent operating room staff do fall through the cracks. Staff who fail to prevent surgical errors may be held liable for their actions, or lack of action. 

Most people only know about surgical errors from revealing television shows, but some experience firsthand how detrimental these mistakes can be. Mistakes made in the operating room can lead to worsened conditions or even the creation of new symptoms. Some of the most common surgical errors might be shocking. They include:

  • Organ damage
  • Surgery at the wrong site
  • Burns
  • Improper organ transplant
  • Wrong use of medical devices
  • Medical equipment left inside patient

These mistakes can lead to serious injuries. Low standard of care and failing to follow guidelines to prevent surgical mistakes almost always leads to big errors. There are thousands of lawsuits filed in Louisiana each year as a result of surgical errors.

Big mistakes happen in the operating room. While most people think that it could never happen to them, surgical errors occur all too frequently, leaving many worse off than before. If you are the victim of a mistake that was made in the operating room, speaking with an experienced attorney may be beneficial.  

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