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August 2015 Archives

What are some of the most common surgical errors?

When you enter into the operating room, you put your life in the hands of a group of professionals in the hopes that they will work accurately. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and surgical errors happen all too frequently in Louisiana.

Mothers are affected by birth injuries, too

After giving birth, many women in Louisiana suffer from injuries they received during the birthing process. These include both mental and physical injuries and can have a substantial impact on the woman’s life. She can be left to feel a range of physical and emotional anguishes. Some birth injuries are the result of medical malpractice. As such, the professionals who were in charge of her care may be held liable for birth injuries she received. It is important to recognize when you have been subject to negligence so that you can receive proper compensation for your birth injury case.   

3 Categories of Medical Malpractice Damages

Medical malpractice is a complicated legal area, and claims can be difficult to prove. Once you have worked through the logistics of establishing negligence and tying that negligence to a specific injury, your next concern will likely be which damages you may be able to claim.

Excessive readmissions may be indication of hospital negligence

Anyone who checks into a hospital is likely already looking forward to the day they check out. Ideally, the reason they entered the hospital in the first place will have been either managed or cured when they leave. But even if it seems so at the moment, many patients are readmitted within a month after discharge. In fact, for those receiving Medicare, the rate is about one of every five patients in about half of the nation’s hospitals.

Mother of disabled child suing facility for medical malpractice

Few things are more nerve wracking for parents than their children’s medical care. For parents of children who have a disability and need specialized treatment, the stress level only increases. One mother in Louisiana is suing a facility that was supposed to treat her child who has special needs.

Understanding the Difference between Birth Injuries and Birth Defects

Childbirth can be a miraculous and special occasion - provided there are no complications. Most often, the birth process is free of issues, and the mother and child survive without any long-term problems. However, birth defects or injuries still happen despite recent medical advances.