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July 2015 Archives

Is telemedicine a convenience or a medical malpractice concern?

With the advent of modern technology and the Internet, practically every type of business and profession has found some way to utilize the technology to make their products or services more convenient for their customers and clients to access. These advances have two obvious goals: (1) to allow the business or service an opportunity for increase revenue through technology and (2) to make life more convenient for consumers.

3 Parties That May Be Liable for Medication Errors

There are several medical errors that may constitute malpractice, some of which relate to medication. While medication can save your life and treat serious health conditions, an error in the prescription or drug-manufacturing process can cause serious complications or even death.

Common symptoms of a concussion

In Louisiana, one of the most common types of brain trauma is a concussion. While these injuries may happen in any setting in which you may receive a blow to the head, they are most common in contact sport athletes and car accident victims. If left untreated, a serious concussion could be fatal. As such, it is important to understand what exactly a concussion is and what you should do if you suffer one.

2 Common Causes of Spinal Injury Lawsuits

Injuries to the head, neck and spine can cause lifelong disabilities. According to Mayo Clinic, spinal cord injuries occur when the disks, vertebra or ligaments in the spinal column sustain damage. They usually happen after a sudden physical blow to the back or spine, which crushes or fractures the vertebrae.

Death of Saint’s QB Stabler draws attention to brain injuries

As have several professional athletes before him, former New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Kenny Stabler’s arranged to donate his brain and spinal cord after his death to the study of degenerative brain disease in athletes. His family also asked that donations in the Snake’s name be made to the XOXO Stabler Foundation which supports research of sports-related head trauma.

Nerve damage leads to medical malpractice claim

Surgeries can be one of the most dangerous procedures a patient may undertake. When multiple medical conditions cause complications, mistakes are much easier for doctors to make. These surgical errors do not have to be fatal to potentially ruin a patient’s life, as one Louisiana woman learned.

What Factors Do Courts Consider When Awarding Damages for Spinal Injuries?

A serious spinal injury can be devastating, and they are more common than most people think. There are approximately 12,500 new spinal injury cases in the United States each year, according to the Spinal Cord Injury Model System.

How Can "Wrongful Birth" Lead to a Medical Malpractice Claim?

With the advance of surgical techniques and improved knowledge about both the child and the mother's health, complications at birth are less common than they once were. In spite of this, physician negligence can still cause serious and potentially fatal injuries.