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November 2014 Archives

Inaccurate electronic medical records and doctor errors

Doctor's offices, hospitals and other health care providers in Louisiana are adapting to the government-imposed transition from traditional paper systems for maintaining patient records to electronic medical records.

Medication errors: how they occur, and how they can affect you

It can be tempting to think of medical malpractice in terms of mistakes made in hospital settings during significant medical procedures such as surgeries. However, while doctor errors such as perforating an organ with a surgical instrument or a mistake in administering anesthesia are real examples of how you can suffer an injury in a health care environment, another common form of medical malpractice can occur outside of the hospital, and even when you are at home: medication errors.

Wrong site surgery: how it can happen, and its effects

The phenomenon of surgical errors that involve mistakes such as leaving a surgical instrument inside a patient’s body, or accidentally injuring an organ during surgery, is well known among medical and legal professionals as well as many people in the general public. This is easy to understand, as a surgical mistake such as leaving a clamp in a patient is often sensational enough to make the news.