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July 2014 Archives

Louisiana hospitals using technology to fight medical malpractice

The potential role of information technology in limiting instances of medical malpractice can be significant. Through the efficient flow of information, hospitals that invest in modern information technology may prevent medication mistakes, misdiagnoses, and other medical errors.

Do hospitals benefit from making surgical errors?

According to a study conducted by researchers from the Boston Consulting Group, Harvard’s colleges of medicine and public health, and several other companies, insurers unintentionally reward hospitals that make surgical errors.

Litigation against Louisiana Children’s Hospital expands

In early May of this year we covered an outbreak of a fungal infection at the Children’s Hospital in Louisiana. Initially the focus of the story was on hospital reporting requirements, given that the hospital in question had apparently delayed for up to five years notifying parents of five children who allegedly died from the outbreak of the actual cause of the deaths.

Louisiana man's Legionnaires' disease allegedly from VA Hospital

Hospitals and other medical facilities are places where patients expect to be treated and cured of illnesses and injuries. But as one Louisiana native recently discovered, sometimes one can go to a hospital and end up in worse health off after being admitted than when he or she came in.