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June 2014 Archives

Woman files medical malpractice lawsuit after cesarean section

Usually when we hear the term "medical malpractice," most of us don’t think of situations where surgeries are performed on patients against their will. This is probably because there are well-established and generally well-respected ethical rules in medicine. These rules require that when a patient has the ability to give informed consent, such consent must be obtained by medical personnel before giving treatment, including any type of surgery.

Hospital negligence cited as cause of death in lawsuit against VA

Residents of Louisiana and Americans everywhere may be concerned by the recent news of widespread problems and poor care in Veterans Administration hospitals across the nation. For many people though, those feelings hit much closer to home when they hear and witness stories of an individual family’s loss and suffering at the hands of such poor care.

No money-back guarantee for medical malpractice or doctor error

The customer is always right. For decades, this was the philosophy of the American business culture. For some industries it still is. Some retailers sell their goods with a 100 percentage guarantee of satisfaction. But some industries do not lend themselves well to money-back guarantees. One of these is the medical profession.