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April 2014 Archives

Surgical error prompts woman to sue Louisiana doctor

Most residents of the state of Louisiana would prefer to do whatever they can to avoid having to undergo a surgical procedure. There are however times in which it is the only real possibility of a person’s medical condition improving. While there is of course a certain amount of risk involved with virtually any surgery, anyone who has an operation assumes that the health care providers involved in it will not engage in actions that might be deemed negligent. Unfortunately this does sometimes occur.

Hospital negligence case filed in children's hospital deaths

A recently released medical journal report is shedding a bright light on the deaths of five children several years ago, and has opened the door for potential lawsuits. The report details the deaths of the children that occurred in 2008 and 2009 and has caused quite a stir, raising questions about whether these deaths could have been prevented.

Louisiana hospitals score low in recent study

If you had access to hospital safety ratings, would you use the information to make decisions about where you receive medical care? Actually, this information is available in Louisiana and across the country. Consumer Reports, the stalwart of data for consumer decisions, rates hospitals based on five safety criteria and publishes the results. Some of the categories take hospital negligence into account for the compilation of the ratings.

Boxers family files lawsuit after traumatic brain injury

New Orleans is home to many large sporting events, which include violent games such as boxing and football. The athletes in these sports often require medical supervision before and after their competitions.