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March 2014 Archives

Increase in prescriptions for ADHD may indicate false diagnoses

Prescription drugs can be a lifesaver for some conditions when properly prescribed.  But sometimes a prescription can be a shortcut when a condition could actually benefit from some other type of therapy before resorting to intervention of prescription drugs. A recent study seems to indicate that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be one of these conditions. The study shows that, in Louisiana and throughout the country, prescriptions for drugs to treat ADHD increased substantially between 2008 and 2012, possibly indicating a failure to diagnose the condition properly.

Medical malpractice cap discarded by state supreme court

Some New Orleans residents may be paying attention as the debate on capping medical malpractice awards continues in the country. Here in Louisiana, there has long been a cap on the amount of compensation a victim can recover after becoming a victim of medical malpractice. Interestingly, the Florida Supreme Court recently threw out legislation that introduced a medical malpractice cap in that state.

Unexpected reasons lead to delayed assistance in emergency rooms

If you’ve ever had to visit a hospital emergency room, you know that it can be a time of high anxiety. And the longer you have to wait to be seen by a doctor, the more anxious you become.  Based upon a recent study of emergency room wait times, including in hospitals in Louisiana, there are many anxious patients waiting to be seen. And with the number of patients being seen, emergency rooms may be fertile ground for hospital negligence or malpractice.

Stroke 2nd leading cause of death in women, says Louisiana doc

In February, the month for all things red, the focus was on women’s heart health. It is a subject that should be addressed due to the fact that heart attack is the leading cause of death amongst women. While awareness has certainly increased surrounding the leading cause of death amongst women, the second leading cause of death often receives little attention.