Louisiana and Mississippi Medical Misdiagnosis Lawyers

The Bowling Law Firm's primary practice area is medical malpractice. The firm concentrates on the representation of patients and their families injured in a variety of ways by faulty medical care throughout the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Not every failure to diagnose a disease is the result of malpractice, but some diseases are misdiagnosed due to a deviation from the applicable standard of care. The lawyers at The Bowling Law Firm have extensive experience evaluating potential cases of misdiagnosis to determine whether it was excusable or was the result of a substandard failure to test or heed symptoms of the disease.

The firm has assembled a network of consultants from the medical field to assist with the sometimes difficult task of determining which failure of diagnosis cases should be pursued. The firm is available to assess select potential cases to determine whether the filing of a claim is justified, and to prosecute those claims believed in the judgment of the firm to have merit.

Louisiana and Mississippi Diagnostic Error Attorneys

At The Bowling Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, our legal team of Mississippi and Louisiana medical misdiagnosis attorneys brings over 20 years of experience in litigating complex malpractice claims.

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