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As many of the firm's most serious cases involve newborns and children, birth injury and pediatric claims represent a major focus of the practice of The Bowling Law Firm.

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A birth injury involves damage that occurs to a fetus or baby during the birthing process, including injuries during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or neonatal care. While a birth injury can be caused by uncontrollable factors, there are some instances where the birth injury could have been prevented, but for the negligence of a medical professional.

When a birth injury is caused by medical malpractice, a lawsuit can be brought against the negligent medical provider. The Bowling Law Firm has extensive experience evaluating and litigating a broad variety of birth injury claims. Additionally, the firm also frequently handles pediatric medical malpractice cases.

Legal Advocacy for Birth and Pediatric Injury Victims and Families

The experienced birth and pediatric injury attorneys of The Bowling Law Firm represent clients throughout Louisiana and Mississippi who have suffered serious injuries as a result of another individual's negligence or wrongdoing. Utilizing their network of medical resources, the attorneys of The Bowling Law Firm carefully evaluate birth injury cases in order to identify whether the birth injury was caused by medical negligence and if the victim is entitled to compensation.

Cerebral palsy (CP), Erb's palsy, brain injuries, and other birth injuries can be caused by any number of factors. The medical malpractice attorneys of The Bowling Law Firm review medical records and thoroughly investigate the events surrounding the pregnancy, labor and delivery, and follow-up care in order to expose medical negligence.

Obstetric and pediatric negligence commonly leading to birth injuries can include:

  • Improper technique in an instrumental delivery (vacuum or forceps injury)
  • Birth Asphyxia/Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (oxygen deprivation)
  • Improper evaluation of a large-for-date infant
  • Failure to adequately monitor for signs of fetal distress or failure to progress
  • Failure to make a timely decision to perform a cesarean section

Negligence during the labor and delivery process can cause unnecessary delays in making important decisions, such as the decision to perform a cesarean section (C-section). These delays can cause the infant to suffer a loss of oxygen to the brain (causing cerebral palsy or other consequences of brain damage). Negligence prior to the delivery process can also result in a larger baby or improperly positioned baby (breech baby) to proceed through a difficult delivery, causing injury to the infant or mother.

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